Obsidian stone bracelet, for Feng Shui

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It's all about luck when it comes to bringing money into your life.

It's easier to amass wealth if luck is in your favoreur.

It is a crucial part of the money making process.
For those looking to increase theeur good luck, this bracelet Pixiu is indicated!

Luck is the purpose of the “Bracelet Pixiu silver with red cord”.
This bracelet, which features two symbols feng shui lucky charmeur, is popular among those looking to improve theeur luck.

Wearing this bracelet has brought good fortune to many people!
If you run a business, invest, or gamble, this charm is a must-have!


Features of a wristband Pixiu made of solid silver

Amulet Pixiu/Piyao. A creature feng shui devoted woman who serves her master by bringing him prosperity!

Looks and feels like real sterling silver.
Linked to the element Metal, which is believed to bring good fortune!

Woven on a crimson cord.
A lucky charmeur in various heighteningseurs feng shui !


With a Pixiu in silver and a lucky red ropeeur

Le feng shui considers red strings to be auspicious.

For the Chinese, crimson is a coloreur of eternal life.

To bring luck and fortune, it is said to wear a crimson thread around the neck or wrist.

The pendant Pixiu in silver on this red string bracelet, meanwhile, gives it an extra touch.

Pixiu (sometimes spelled Piyao) is called the "Beast of Fortune" in the feng shui.

According to legend, Pixiu is an obedient creature that roams the land in search of riches in all directions.
For the benefit of his master, he brings back the money he earns during his hunts.

the amulet Pixiu, which is crafted in sterling silver, is particularly auspicious as it corresponds to the metal element.
The sky is bound to the metal in the feng shui.

Luck and success are believed to be brought by the divine spirit from heaven.


The bracelet Pixiu in silver red string for you

You can use this bracelet to promote good fortune as it features two powerful symbols feng shui !

The bracelet with red string and silver charms Pixiu is a must have!


Align your goals:
Acknowledge your good fortune by saying, "Luck is drawn to me, and I take opportunities to make more money."

SKU: 4000776045736 Categories: , Tag: pixiu man and woman is perfect for daily wear. This bracelet will help you attract new things, freshnesseur, goodeur and prosperity. What are the benefits of obsidian? Possibilities of obsidian: It is a solid stone that works quickly as a bulwark or a shield. In addition, it would help to discover tranquility and inner peace.eure, to create harmony and well-being, and to harmonize the energy of body and soul.
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The bracelet pixiu feng shui is a black obsidian crystal bracelet with a tie pixiu et Feng Shui Tao. Obsidian is considered the Stone of Truth, balancing Yin and Yang energies, clearing negativity / stress and thoughts from the mind. This beautiful bracelet inspired by a pixiu, a powerful symbol of protection in the feng shui. It is made of anti-allergic obsidian and black crystals. The drawstring is adjustable and it will fit most wrists.



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Coloreur of Metal

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3 reviews for Obsidian stone bracelet, for Feng Shui

  1. Magdalena (Customer confirmed) -

    Compliant article, very nice I recommend

    Coloreur of Metal: 24, Longeur: 15-20cm x 1
  2. James (Customer confirmed) -

    Very fast delivery.

    Coloreur of Metal: 20, Longeur: 15-20cm x 1
  3. Ademar (Customer confirmed) -

    Original gift idea offered to my little girl

    Coloreur of Metal: 11, Longeur: 15-20cm x 1
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