Bracelet Feng Shui pixiu obsidian stone beads

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SKU: 4001278747569 Categories: , Tag: pixiu man and woman is perfect for daily wear. This bracelet will help you attract new things, freshnesseur, goodeur and prosperity. What are the benefits of obsidian? Possibilities of obsidian: It is a solid stone that works quickly as a bulwark or a shield. In addition, it would help to discover tranquility and inner peace.eure, to create harmony and well-being, and to harmonize the energy of body and soul.
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Oussma pixiu Collection bracelet is inspired by a Chinese mythological creature. There is a lot of speculation about this mythical creature who lives in the Eastern Mountain.
The design of the EMF protection bracelet consists of five overlapping elements connected in such a way as to create an electromagnetic field protecteur to reduce exposure to EMF hazards. It's the same principle that hides behind the pearls pixiu, specially designed to counter radiation EMF emitted by computer equipment and cell phone towers. The bracelet is made from five different materials – copper, gold, silver, iron ore and decorative resin beads – all combined to produce a protective barrier against harmful radiation.

But with the bracelet Pixiu, we hoperons that this creature of happinesseur protects you as you go in search of prosperity, achievement and a long life.

dt (2)dt (5)1mm 单 貔貅 六字 款 12dt (8)产ו SKU_ 财源 滚滚 六字 款 (变色 貔貅) 12mm 双 貔貅 六字 款 123mm 单 貔貅 黑 玛瑙 款 124. 花开 富贵5mm 单 变色 貔貅 款 146mm 单 貔貅 六字 金珠 款 126mm 双 貔貅 12 龙珠 款 77. 8mm 黑 玛瑙 单 貔貅 118. 12mm4 金 六字 款 1212产 inconnu 主 图 5产 inconnu 主 图 6产 inconnu 主 图 715. 6mm 石榴石 多 圈 款 5.



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3 reviews for Bracelet Feng Shui pixiu obsidian stone beads

  1. Simone (Customer confirmed) -

    Lovely bracelet and necklace to match. Service was excellent.

    Coloreur of Metal: 8 x 1
  2. Eugen (Customer confirmed) -

    Good value for money

    Coloreur of Metal: 2 x 1
  3. Viktorija (Customer confirmed) -

    Beautiful white

    Coloreur of Metal: 17 x 1
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