Bracelet Feng Shui, obsidian beads pixiu

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SKU: 4001240544880 Categories: , Tag: pixiu man and woman is perfect for daily wear. This bracelet will help you attract new things, freshnesseur, goodeur and prosperity. What are the benefits of obsidian? Possibilities of obsidian: It is a solid stone that works quickly as a bulwark or a shield. In addition, it would help to discover tranquility and inner peace.eure, to create harmony and well-being, and to harmonize the energy of body and soul.
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With a bracelet Pixiu, you earn a lot of good energies Feng Shui. Let your bracelet also benefit from the protective power of this powerful symbol Feng Shui !
A natural stone bracelet containing orgonite pixiu. Pixiu “goblin” is a mythical creature that tells people to form good habits and say no to evil, in order to receive its protection.
The bracelet is adjustable so that you can adapt it to your wrist size, while the crystal beads pixiu and obsidian act as a protective layer against all negative energies that come your way.







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3 reviews for Bracelet Feng Shui, obsidian beads pixiu

  1. Anselmus (Customer confirmed) -

    For my birthday very good value for money

    Metal Color: 15 x 1
  2. Anthony (Customer confirmed) -

    Very pretty pleases a lot

    Metal Color: 05 x 1
  3. Abelard (Customer confirmed) -

    Compliant article - delivery time respected

    Metal Color: 26 x 1
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