37 Obsidian Stone Beads Bracelet Feng Shui

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This bracelet is designed as a bracelet pixiu to help you eliminate negative energy from your life. It also serves as a health bracelet, as obsidian has been used for centuries as a healing stone. Its energizing properties helpront those who feel a little weak or have paineurs in theeurs joints. Wearing this bracelet will improve blood flow and bring better health.eure circulation to your body. Master Li of Feng Shui Recommend wearing it on the left hand for health and protection from malicious forces, but you can wear it on any hand.

SKU: 1005001677847186 Categories: , Tag: pixiu man and woman is perfect for daily wear. This bracelet will help you attract new things, freshnesseur, goodeur and prosperity. What are the benefits of obsidian? Possibilities of obsidian: It is a solid stone that works quickly as a bulwark or a shield. In addition, it would help to discover tranquility and inner peace.eure, to create harmony and well-being, and to harmonize the energy of body and soul.
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To begin with, here is a legend story: long ago in antiquity, there was an animal called Pi Xiu. This is the ninth fils of the Dragon King. gold, silver and Jewelry are all his food. He has a dragon's head, a horse's body and wings. He is so powerful that he canplacer bad luck towards good. Later, people see it as a symbol of wealth and good luck. Whoever wears the bracelet Pixiu will also be lucky  
Pixiu represents wealth, Lucky.
It is a wonderful way to bring positive energies, wealth, success, health, and luck into your life.
It is a great gift for birthdays, graduates, anniversaries
The bracelet is to give away both are fine for personal use or to share  
Note: coloreur actual may be slightly different from the picture due to different monit effectseur and light.
Material: Resin
Beads Size: 12mm (0.47inch); 10MM (0.39inch); 14mm (0.55inch)
Inner Circumferenceeure: 17-20cm (elastic)



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Feng Shui Strap 1, Feng Shui Strap 2, Feng Shui Strap 4, Feng Shui Strap 8, Feng Shui Strap 9, Pixiu Strap 10, Pixiu Strap 11, Pixiu Strap 12, Pixiu Strap 13, Pixiu Strap 13-200003761, Pixiu Strap 14, Pixiu Strap 14-200003762, Pixiu Strap 15, Pixiu Strap 15-200003763, Pixiu Strap 16, Pixiu Strap 16-200003764, Pixiu Strap 17, Pixiu Strap 17-200003765, Pixiu Strap 18, Pixiu Strap 18-200003766, Pixiu Strap 19, Pixiu Strap 20, Pixiu Strap 21, Pixiu Strap 22, Pixiu Strap 23, Pixiu Strap 24, Pixiu Strap 25, Pixiu Strap 26, Pixiu Strap 27, Pixiu Strap 28, Pixiu Strap 29, Pixiu Strap 30, Pixiu Strap 5, Pixiu Strap 6, Pixiu Strap 7


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