mexican skull and rose
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The skull, the rose and Mexico

When I think of laughing in the face of death, Mexicans always come to mind. My passion for the skull, and the rose, was born a few years ago, when I was living abroad.

Eduardo, a great friend of mine from Mexico, gave me a beautiful statuette of a colorful skull with a fleur red drawn on the front. Cheerful and lively, this Mexican skull with a rose inspired me and made me think about this symbol.

What is the significance of the Mexican rose skull?

First of all, let me make two premises:

Il existe des variations infinies. Selon la façon dont vous le représentez, le crâne à la rose peut souligner la vie et sa délicatesse, ou la mort avec son triomphe. Le style du design peut donner une atmosphère gothique ou une signification joyeuse. Aujourd'hui, je vais vous parler des formes colorées du mexicain Dia de Muertos.
Les interprétations sont infinies. Les symboles, bien sûr, sont liés au temps et à la culture. C'est un symbole qui vient du Mexique, mais mon interprétation sera forcément occidentalisée. Désolé.

Life and death: the skull with the rose, a powerful contrast

A cold skull is a powerful symbol of death. Placez a skull next to a fleur in the Mexican way, and the meaning changes completely: the beauty, the balance and the joy of the petals transformront the ominous head into a cheerful new symbol.

The red rose, beautiful and sensual, tells the intense wonder of life. Its petals move with the wind, ils do not last long, the rod that supports it is fragile, its colorseurare changing rapidly. The contrast with the motionless, white and arid skull is very powerful and unbelievably highlightseur the rose and its meaning of life.

If you think about it, indeed, the valeur of a good is also linked to its rarity: gold and silver, for example, are precious metals not only becauseils are beautiful, but also becauseils are rare. Here our life takes on aeur amazing when you place next to death: vital time becomes a rare and precious commodity. Wow!

Laugh in the face of death: the Dia de Muertos

You can do like the Spartans, who stare death in the eye. Alternatively, you can do as the Mexicans do for the Dia de Muertos and laugh at it.

Mexican culture imagines the Reign of Death as a happy and colorful world, full of vitality and joy. In fact, turn death into a moment heurthem is a great idea. It is not the Hades of the classics, sad and gray, but neither is the Paradise of the monotheists, serious and solemn: it is a spiritual and playful afterlife.

A beautiful snippet of this afterlife can be found in Disney's masterpiece "Coco," and in Tim Burton's Disney animation "The Corpse Bride."

There is also the Dia de Muertos, in Mexico. Colorful faces, painted skulls, smiling skeletons. Among these is Catrina, a grinning, fully clothed skull invented by an illustrator.eur at the end of the XNUMXth century. Always lively and elegant, Catrina has a hat full of roses.

Enjoy the balance: the symmetry of the skull and the rose

I've read that people are drawn to symmetry: the more symmetrical a face, the more attractive it is. The skull, like the rose, has an extremely balanced shape. The union of these two harmonic forms creates a balanced, classic, elegant, timeless whole.

When there is symmetry, it is pleasant to break the rule, while maintaining the general harmony: the fleur in a single eye of the skull, the irregularity of the petals, the alternation of couleurs can add interest and mystery to a tattoo, painting or any depiction.

It improves life: a message of eternity

Many years ago I had a passion for a video game: Grim Fandango, in a strange land of death, Mexican style. The protagonist is Manny Calavera, a skeleton working as a travel agent in the afterlife. Here the fleurs represent the death of the dead: s'ils are hit by a bulleteurs special weapons, the characters 'fleurissent,” dying forever shrouded in fleurs colored.

In many cultures, however, the fleur is a symbol of rebirth. Edvard Munch said:

“Of my ruined body, the fleurs growsront, I will be in them and it is eternity.

Putting a rose on a white skull is therefore a message of eternity: in a way, we continuerons to be there, in new forms.

The inspiration for the "Los Muertos Skull" ring

We've done countless studies to determine what the style of the Los Muertos Skull Ring should be. We wanted to show both the cheerfulness of the Mexican skulls and the triumph of the red rose.

The end result was crafted by our model artist Andrea, created especially for the Maso, a famous armadilloeur from Brescia, Italy.

The Mexican skull with rose had to be symmetrical, so we put a skull with its teeth clearly in evidence; In the empty space we put a large central rose, with decorative petals, like a neckronborn. The eye cavities of the skull, slightly smaller than the rose, are perfectly ronand decorated with a neckrondo small spheres.

Finally, we put in doodles and curls, typical of Mexican calaveras.

The meaning: as death smiles on everyone, send him a beautiful smile too. Life before her is even more beautiful and precious.