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Zodiac birthstones: find the right gemstone for your astrological sign

What are the birthstones of zodiac ? Party 1. Aquarius and Pisces

There are 12 zodiac signs and each has its own stone to match. Zodiac signs are determined by the month or period in which a person was born. Each sign has a connected birthstone and it is common to wear this birthstone as jewelry. The birthstone is often chosen because it shares traits or elements with the wearer.

Zodiacs and the decisive impact of birthstones

The twelve signs of the zodiac speak of the alignment of the planets, the sun and the moon on the day of our arrival in this world. It is said that the chart of the sky on the day you were born can have a huge decisive impact on your life. It can have a ripple effect on your powers, fears, strengths and flaws and it can be a guiding light. When you know your zodiac sign, you can make decisions that align with this deeply felt universal knowledge about yourself. You will better understand which of the elements speaks to you (earth, air, fire, water) and which chakras will need a little more nurturing support to help you along the way.

Knowing which gemstones are aligned with your astrological sign can also fuel this daily commitment to balance and healing. Birthstones have been around since the 5th century and their history is linked to the 12 stones and on Aaron's breastplate and the 12 months of the year and 12 zodiac signs. It is believed that each stone is related to cosmic alignment and those who choose stones aligned with their birth month will reap the benefits of bringing this gem into their lives.

The stones that are connected to your zodiac know exactly what you need and can bring their deep healing vibrations to your world. Spiritual energy helps stabilize your mind, calm the storms raging within, and give you a medicinal dose of strength or gentle temperance depending on what you need at that time. They also work in harmony with your soul and the world at large. When you turn to your birthstone, you may find that your manifestation powers are suddenly increasing.

The best thing about birthstones is that there is no hard or fast line, you can choose from a range of different shimmering stones. Each zodiac has a signature stone attached to its name, but there are other stones that fall under the same element or share the same ruling planet that will work for you as well. As with any gemstone, part of the picking process is selecting a stone that connects with your intuition. Take a look at our instant guide to choosing the Zodiac Birthstones that may work for you.

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AQUARIUS January 20 to February 18

Rebellious, mature in intelligence, and always willing to think outside the box, Aquarians are known for their free spirits and creative approach to life. There is so much to love about those born under the sign of Aquarius, especially their kind and compassionate nature. However, Aquarians can be stubborn and seem detached at times with moods that go up and down.

These Aquarius gems help the water bearer to go with the flow ...

Amethyst stone

Sometimes Aquarians can get lost in the labyrinth of their own thoughts, which can overwhelm them. Fortunately, with Amethyst on your side, you can remain balanced, light-hearted, and still imbued with spiritual purity. Learn more about the meaning of Amethyst.

Garnet stone

Garnet is a glorious stone for Aquarius, their bubbling passion and fiery strength are all about keeping you engaged. The warm light also helps soften the sometimes seemingly frosty edge of the Aquarius character. Learn more about the meaning of Garnet.

Moss agate
Moss agate stone

Earthly Moss Agate can turn an Aquarius into an amazing speaker. Stone of eloquence, moss agate invites Aquarians to think outside the box and to communicate with ease. Learn more about the meaning of moss agate.

Jasper stone

Jasper is a happy talisman for Aquarians, this stone is known to restore the balance of heightened emotions and to safely protect the wearer from negative vibrations. Learn more about the meaning of Red Jasper.

PISCES Feb 19 to March 20

As a water sign, Pisces are known for their depth, empathy, and willingness to always go with the gentle flow of life. They are deeply compassionate, intuitive, and gentle, and they love to move with music. Along with this gentle nature, Pisces can be a bit too dreamy at times, which leads them to a place where they get hurt easily or trust too much. A sign that would benefit grounding beautifully while keeping their heart free, Pisces is pure romance.

Immerse yourself in your dreams with these Pisces gemstones ...

Amethyst stone

Pisces will find luminous power and strength in the Amethyst stone. It is a stone that helps the hedonistic Pisces party sign to stay connected from the crown chakra to the root. Learn more about the meaning of Amethyst.

Turquoise stone

A perfect healing gem for the water sign, turquoise is all ocean flow and shimmering blue hues - a match made in fish heaven. The clear and cold energy also prevents Pisces from sinking into their own sensitivity. Learn more about the meaning of turquoise.

Blue green
Aquamarine stone

The water of the sea stone, aquamarine brings its traits of mermaid treasure to the table for Pisces to enjoy. This stone invites Pisces to tap into their own abilities and embrace the ebb and flow of life. Learn more about the meaning of aquamarine.

Clear quartz
Clear quartz stone

As Pisces can have a tendency to spin like the wind and get lost in complex thoughts, clear quartz acts as a guiding light, encouraging focus and quick decisions. Discover the meaning of Clear Quartz.