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Where to find sacred stones?

You can pick up pebbles, stones, rocks and crystals in many places. Ils are more numerous than you think in nature The excavations of your yard or a garden, the banks of a river or a disused quarry often shelter many different crystals. The rocky shores and beds of the streams are among the besteurs places to look. The pebbles found on these places are often polished by the current or the waves. Occasionally, ils have a shiny luster: they are alluvial crystals. Of course, you can buy crystals on the Internet or in a specialized store. Each stone has a special quality – amethyst, for example, relieves headaches, flint calms disputes and wards off nightmares. The healedeurPeople who use the crystals have been helping people for thousands of years from alluvial topaz crystals due to the healing properties of these. When you walk into a specialty store, be open, aware of the stones, and listen to theeur call

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