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Where to buy a real shamballa bracelet?

Where to buy a real shamballa bracelet?


The shamballa phenomenon

News on Mikkel and Mads Kornerup, the jeweler brothers at the origin of the global phenomenon Shamballa Jewels

discuss the development of their new products, the balance between spirituality and growth

their company and their official points of sale around the world - They each give us their own personal vision of this particular company.

JP: Thinking back to the last few years, how did Shamballa J. jewelry develop as a global brand?

Mikkel Kornerup: For a young brand, we have a global presence in more than 30 countries. In 2013, we doubled our points of sale in existing markets. We are now focusing on consolidating its new points of sale.

Mads Kornerup: The design of the Shamballa bracelet is one of the most easily recognizable styles today. Whether on the beach in Barcelona, ​​the catwalks of Parisians or in Tibet, many people know what a Shamballa bracelet is. The word Shamballa is a mantra of wisdom and compassion and I look forward to hearing this mantra in all corners of the world.

JP: What was the most important smart launch for the brand in the past year?

Mikkel: Our three new bracelets, the Korne Pavé, the Royal Bracelet and the tennis bracelet. These differ from the shamballa bracelet in design, as they do not feature macrame braiding. All three models were very well received. They reveal our capacity to extend beyond the naramky shamballa as they say in the Czech Republic.

Mads: For me it was the Korne Pavé bracelet - A masculine jewel of leather and customizable diamond shields. I like the design for women but also for men. Back when we started the project, men were wary of wearing diamonds.

JP: How are you going to maintain the growth of Shamballa J. While keeping its identity and its spiritual values?

Mikkel: Our spiritual values ​​are a part of our business. We focus on honesty, quality, compassion and respect for our customers.

Mads: Spirituality is about giving the best of what you can; so I don't see a disconnect between commerce and spirituality. The design should have a purpose and a story to tell, and our jewelry carries the message of the Kingdom of Shamballa - of wisdom and compassion. Most of our customers can afford whatever they want; what we offer them is something meaningful, a positive reminder. I continue my mission of creating meaningful and symbolic jewelry.

JP: The Shamballa J. brand is constantly evolving. Can you describe your daily life to us?

Mikkel: My days are never the same. I cycle to my office - a good half hour from where I live, north of Copenhagen. When we founded Shamballa J., it was just me. We made sure to involve employees in the ecological and environmental aspect of a modern company.

Mads: When I'm not traveling, my typical day at work starts with a little yoga. On Wednesdays, we have yoga classes at our store with the whole team. During the day I am in the office finalizing designs, approving products and creative materials. I also work closely with our communications team to ensure that the true meanings and symbols in our designs are communicated. Most of my design work takes place at home at night, when I can translate the inspirations of the day into jewelry.

JP: In the future, what can we expect from Shamballa J. in terms of business development?

Mikkel: we relaunched our store in Amsterdam in November 2014; it is now fully owned by us. We are also launching mono-brand stores with our retail partners, the first opened in Zurich in partnership with La Serlas in November 2014.

Mads: Shamballa J. is a way of life; we exist in a universe which is distinct. We work on shop-in-shop ups together with all of our retailers, so that visitors can experience not only our product, but the environment that inspires our designs. We are also looking for locations in Paris and London for flagship stores.

Interwiew translation of February 27, 2015 by "JEWELLER PROFESSIONAL"

From Mikkel and Mads Kornerup of the famous brand “Shamballa Jewels”

Translated and summarized from English March 27, 2015