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In nature, the mineral tourmaline has many varieties and colors. One of the most common types of tourmaline is sherl - a black stone that got its color due to the large amount of iron in the composition. Translated from German, the name of the mineral means "marriage", as the earlier sherl was only considered an impurity in quartz. Today, this stone is very popular both in industry and in jewelry.

Application and properties

Black tourmaline is formed in granite pegmatites and is generally a columnar prismatic crystal that can reach a height of 30 cm. Another factor that distinguishes this gem is the unusual formations in the form of needle crystals. It is rare to find transparent quartz with inclusions of fine sherl threads, which create patterns of unusual beauty. These stones are particularly popular with jewelers.

Sherl is a fairly common mineral. It is found in the bowels of the world. The most extensive deposits of black tourmaline are found in the United States, Romania, Great Britain and Germany. In Russia, the stone is mined in the Urals and Transbaikalia. The largest specimens, reaching a length of 50 cm, are found in the bowels of the island of Madagascar. In Brazil, the highest quality sherl tourmaline is mined.

A characteristic of all tourmaline crystals is the ability to electrify by friction, pressure or heat. In this case, one end of the mineral is positively charged and the other negatively. This property of the mineral is used in radio engineering. In addition, Sherl is used in the manufacture of various automatic sensors and medical devices. The smooth and shiny surface of treated and polished stone is excellent for decorative coating. This material is often used for decorative decoration of interiors and furniture, for the manufacture of monuments and commemorative plaques. Various figurines and other decorative trifles are also made from it.

For a long time, the gem was considered unsuitable for making jewelry. However, today black tourmaline, the properties of which are excellent for cutting, is widely used in jewelry. Modern artisans create true masterpieces from this crystal. Pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets with a shiny black jewelry look spectacular and unusual, emphasizing the beauty of their owner. Of course, the stone is not as valuable as other similar precious crystals, but the demand for jewelry is great. In many European countries, jewelry with sherl is worn at funeral events. Today, this stone is so popular that it is even called dark colored Eastern European Sheepdogs. Fieliss black tourmaline is a regular at the most prestigious international exhibitions.

Healing and magical properties

The black gem is called the witch's stone. In specialty stores you can buy whole sets of sherl magic utensils. The stone is used by magicians and wizards. It is believed to allow you to look beyond the borders of the other world. In addition, a polished and shiny stone reflects negative energies directed towards its owner. However, it is necessary to choose jewelry with sherl not only for one that looks like stone. Gem has strong energy, only a strong-minded person is able to cope with it. Otherwise, the stone will overwhelm and emotionally devastate its owner.

The magical properties of tourmaline stone are enhanced by a gold setting. A gold pendant or a ring with black tourmaline will become not only a talisman that protects against bad guys and various misfortunes, but also a powerful esoteric that can cause visions and recognize a person's true intentions. The mineral helps to cope with resentment and anger, jealousy and envy, as well as other negative emotions.

Among those suitable for black tourmaline according to the sign of the zodiac, scorpios can be called. This strong sign is able to "tame" a stone. Scorpios can wear sherl jewelry all the time - black tourmaline won't hurt them. The rest of the signs can also use the stone as an amulet, but it is recommended to wear it only occasionally.

Black tourmaline is also of great importance in alternative medicine. It helps cure many ailments including:

  • maladies of the endocrine system;
  • malacardiovascular die;
  • psychological disorders;
  • skin defects;
  • malainfectious dies;
  • tumors;
  • convulsions;
  • circulatory disorders.

The healing magic of a black gem can even get rid of alcohol or drug addiction. Carrying the stone on you protects against viruses and germs, strengthens the immune system, helps focus and improves memory. Black tourmaline repels all negative radiation from a person, including electrical devices. Special medical plaques made from this mineral are worn for joint pain, bone problems, and general movement apparatus. Soap with the addition of black tourmaline strengthens hair and nails, improves skin condition. The stone crushed into powder is used internally for circulatory disorders.

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