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New Moon in Cancer - a sea of ​​emotions

Don't be nervous!

I know this is advice like loving yourself and you will be 'instinctive'. However, when the Moon enters the sign of Cancer and begins to be heated by the energy of the Sun, the emotions take over (the New Moon is a conjunction, that is, a combination of the Moon and the Sun). And when this aspect intensifies, Luna, that is, the emotions, will begin to burn in the rays. How exactly this new moon will affect you depends on your birth chart. However, it's worth remembering that while you tolerate a certain sky situation well, that doesn't mean your surroundings can handle it as well. So, before you fight on the weekend or Monday, consider your opponent to be "on fire".

Cancer is the first representative of the water trine. The water element of the horoscope is responsible for emotions and feelings. As cardinal water, Cancer is the epitome of the phrase - “a drop pierces the rock”. In all possible dimensions, such as the patient's work on oneself or passive aggression.

Really good, it is without a doubt the sensitivity, the intuitiveness, the enormous imagination, the benevolence and the attachment. The obvious flaws are volatility, hypersensitivity, speed and instability. Speaking of the Cancer archetype, one cannot ignore that it is under the patronage of the Moon. In astrology, it symbolizes the emotions, the mother, the family house and in the horoscope of man, the ideal of woman. So, the very strong sign of an overly emotional Cancer can wreak havoc on us, and that's just the start. The septic tank can burst and the minerals will flow upward.

The astrological archetype of Cancer is said to have eyes in the back of their heads, eagerly scanning the past, reflecting on what had passed with masochistic delight. Moreover, in the case of this new moon, such dubious perverted fun will be amplified by an annular eclipse. We want to devote ourselves to totally unnecessary and unproductive thinking about what would happen if he came back or if he came back or why I have such and such and no other parents. Many people can remember unsuccessful relationships or a tearful childhood.

Remember what happened in your life during the previous eclipse on 26/12/2019.

The best advice is to feel all of these feelings and LOOK at them at the same time. Where do they come from, what are they used for and how can they be used?

Learn from what was and focus on what is and what will be. You cannot change the past. You have been there before, don't stay there all the time or you will miss a life.

Additional special effects

The energies of mental tremor and indecision will amplify the quinkus of two retrograde planets, namely Jupiter and Pluto until the current new moon. It will be difficult for us to decide on anything, because in reality nothing will suit us. The atmosphere of disintegration and internal disorder will also be conquered by the other retrograde planets i.e. Venus, Saturn and Mercury.

Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and people with strongly placed cardinal signs will feel the most, especially during the first senior. The same goes for watermarks and people with strong water, first decade.

The nearest New Moon will bring you:

  • Very strong and extreme emotions
  • Meditate on what was or could have been
  • Nervousness
  • Larmes
  • Back to the roots

So how can we concretely use the current situation in heaven?

  • Experiment, but also observe your feelings
  • Avoid people who cause negative emotions in you
  • Be understanding with others
  • Allow yourself to stay home and alone
  • Sort and print photos
  • Remember the good events
  • Practice gratitude
  • Say you like
  • Take care of your inner child

How to use the energy of the New Moon to work with the body?

On the occasion of the next new moon, I wish you courage to make children's dreams come true. I hope you find the strength to notice those areas of life where you are not following your heart, and decide to be realistic and actively change it.

The present tense is great for transforming yourself and your beliefs. The 5 retrograde planets encourage us to look at ourselves. If you think you have to struggle with a tough life, earn money by the sweat of your brow, and EVERYTHING is on your mind, then I have something for you. Especially when your life lacks male men and you see other women as babies, dolls, or idiots. Or, if you are just ready to change your beliefs, fall in love with your life and yourself, then I invite you to my development course with elements of astrology i.e. Venus - sex , money and fun.


I invite you to a new challenge: Awaken your body and mind. From body awareness to self-awareness. The challenge is to get to know yourself. Only then can we kindly see where we are in life, what we would like to change, and then make that change, not only in the head, but feeling it throughout the body. Embody your intention, your goal. This challenge is for anyone who wants to develop their body awareness, become aware of themselves and look at themselves holistically - seeing their light, but also their shadows.

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