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Amethyst - Unusual crystal, the most expensive type of quartz, valued since ancient times. With its exceptional transparency and abundant colors, it is recognized as the second jewel. Purple ore, due to its beauty and rarity, is usually the first order.Amethyst

Amethyst is a stone that can be used by almost anyone. Unlike other gems, the main indicators that affect value are not size and size. Rather, it is the degree of transparency and color saturation.

Characteristics of amethyst

It has the ability to change color depending on the light. This jewelry also changes color when heated. (Become Transparent) Interestingly, if you are exposed to heat up to 500 degrees, it will turn yellow. (Now it's citrine), and if the temperature rises, the amethyst becomes cloudy, turning milky.

Amethyst crystal


Naturally, amethyst is found in the form of a drousgeodes crystal. The first is cut, the second and third are for various crafts and decorations. It is believed that this mineral is best combined with silver. Amethyst is loved by many religions, from the ancient Greeks to Christianity. (In the past called They also decorate the icon of the cross, the altar.)

Amethyst turtle pendant

It is also believed that amethyst is able to preserve the beauty and youth of its owner for many years.
If you give a heart shaped stone to a married couple, it can bring love, harmony and mutual understanding into a relationship.
In addition to the benefits of a romantic relationship, gems help reveal talent and creativity.
Another interesting fact is that when the weather changes, the amethyst changes its color, which is why sailors take this gem with them on long expeditions.

Physical properties

Hardness: 7,0 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
shine: a glass
Density: 2,6 g / cm 3
system: trigonometry

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

  1. Mineral hardness test… Amethyst is a very hard rock. So scratching it, unlike a poor quality fake, is not easy enough. To check the accuracy of the rock, you need a steel blade or a knife trying to scrape the ore. If there is a scratch, it means it is not natural. And if it is not natural But this method only works with fake glass, excluding synthetic stones. Indeed, artificial stone has the same properties as natural stone. So the scratching method does not work on them.
  2. Definition by color… When buying jewelry, you must first pay attention to the color and clarity of the stone. The color of the mineral can not be completely and evenly saturated. And transparency cannot be deepened. Such an ideal stone looks great in jewelry. But rarely found in nature
  3. Water test… In this case, just drop the stone into a glass of water, wait 30 seconds and look at the edge. As for real mineral water, the edges will appear discolored.But for a fake, on the other hand, the edges will be the same color as the color of the stone.
  4. Check the temperature of the stone… Amethyst has low thermal conductivity, so it takes a lot of effort and time to warm it up in your hands.

Amethyst price The cost depends on the color of the mineral. More expensive samples will have brilliant saturated colors. The faulty material also affects the value of this gemstone. Pumice stone materials are more resistant to fading and fading and therefore have a higher value.

Amethyst jewelry price

Amethyst mining site

Amethyst mining sites

The largest amethyst mineral found in Brazil. The jewel of this country is often called Brazil. In particular, the Amethyst Palmeira is known; It is located in the southernmost state of Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul, famous for its large sill of amethyst.
Another famous Brazilian amethyst, Marabah, is mined in the northern part of the country in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, rich in purple minerals. Sometimes all amethysts supplied by South Africa are referred to as Brazil. Exceptionally large and magnificent prism crystals are found on Mexican territory in the Piedra Parada and Las Vigas de Ramirez region (Veracruz state). The Mexican state of Guanajuato is famous for its amethyst. When it comes to the intrinsic properties of Mexican stone, Veracruz amethyst generally has a less dark mid-section. Sometimes this effect was so noticeable that they even mentioned the Phantom Crystal. This is the name of the different crystals, inside of which their smaller twins are visible. This characteristic is explained by the unstable growth of the stepped crystal. One thinks that
The most expensive stone in the world
Many purple crystals have been shipped to the world market from Uruguay. The northern part of the country, where the Artigas region is located, is particularly fertile.
In terms of quality and cost, minerals from the Urals can be compared with those from South America. They are called Siberians Other sources of amethysts in Russia are the White Coast, especially the famous Cape Ship.
Amethyst from Russia is slightly inferior to rocks from Zambia. The country is one of the largest suppliers of gemstones to the world market. Besides Zambia in Africa, purple rocks are mined in Namibia and South Africa.
The jewels of America are neither dark nor of great color. Colorado rocks are small, amethysts are mined in other American states as well. Denver hosts an annual traditional mineral show. Among the exhibits there are examples of amethyst gems. They were often so large that they were brought to Denver in easy-to-carry wooden frames.

Drug properties

In the past, it was believed that amethysts could protect owners from infection. Modern physiotherapists believe that the contemplation of amethyst relieves nervous irritation, calms it, thus being effective in the fight against insomnia. Amethyst infused water is helpful in restoring cerebral circulation. Amethyst jewelry should be cleaned regularly to remove negative energy.

Influence on the chakras

Forehead: affects the organs of the head. This chakra is also linked with the meridians of the bladder and intestines, helping to realize thoughts, stimulating activity in the physical world.
Energy exposed to Yin

Magical properties

Amethyst is a stone of purity, purity and fidelity. In ancient Egypt, amethyst was a symbol of happiness and health, in Europe - sincerity and frankness, in India - peace, amethyst crystals placed between the eyebrows help to calm the mind and lead to Inner Peace Amethyst is believed to initiate the opening of the "third eye" and allow the entire image to be pinned to the subconscious. Amethyst soothes mental pain and anxiety, calms and clears thoughts, fills the aura with positive energy and good intentions. It is believed that amethyst helps a person
Understanding, it is believed that rings with amethyst bring good luck in sports. Amethyst jewelry placed under the pillow to ...


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