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For who is not courageous enough? Who can't wear it?

Since ancient times, people have loved to carve all kinds of animals, plants, and even beasts from classical mythology in different ways. Pixiu is one of the most popular wood carving items. Pixiu is a beast with treasures and evil spirits in popular culture. The Pixio image is paired with a variety of accessories, so people can choose the style they like to wear. But rumor has it that not everyone is daring, and some are not daring. Therefore, we must understand this knowledge so as not to violate the Pai Yao taboo. So who isn't brave enough? Who can't wear it?

For who is not courageous enough?

According to legend, Pai Yao was a very fierce beast in ancient times. He could swallow everything in the world without letting it go, but he could swallow wealth from all sides without giving it up. He is talented, brave, and good at fighting, and can also drive out evil spirits around him so that demons and monsters dare not take any action. Therefore, for centuries people have loved to wear bold jewelry on their body to protect their safety and health, and to earn money and earn money from all sides. However, not all the brave have such effects, they have spirituality, and only the brave devoted can have such effects as luck and happiness. The master can get to know the authentic Paixiu consecrated to Jizhaotan. The consecrated Paixu Jizhaotang includes a courageous pendant and a courageous bracelet. The material is not only superior to the material, but also has a graceful and beautiful design. Consecration uses the authentic sanctification of Buddhism. After the consecration, Ji Zhaotang Paixiu contains rich spirituality which can help the recipient in his career, love and life, and bless his desire for success, and all is well. We will hang a blessing belt in the name of the recipient who met in Jizhaotan in front of the Buddha in the main hall of the temple. Write down the name and desire of the main deity, and the master of the monastery will recite the sutras and pray for the main deity each day.

Who can not carry courage?

According to some rumors on the internet, people belonging to the tiger cannot wear bravery because bravery is a dragon, wearing bravery in a tiger will create a situation where the dragons fight and fight with themselves. In fact, this statement is not true. It is true that Pai Yao is a dragon, but he is also a beast and does not belong to the five elements, so there is no conflict between them. People belonging to the tiger can wear the Pai Yao. Not only that, anyone wearing the sign of zodiac can carry courage. In addition, enlighten Pixiu is not just the process of removing dust and unclean perfume for Pixiu, but also the elimination of the hard atmosphere of Pixiu so that Pixiu does not affect the wearer at all.

Of course, while it's too obvious that anyone can wear a brave dress, there are indeed some people who shouldn't wear a brave one. First of all, those who commit crimes or those who want to use Pai Yao for dishonest purposes. As a divine beast, Pai Yao is jealous of evil, and it won't have the slightest effect on people who do evil. This is the characteristic of divine beasts. Plus, wearing daredevils has nothing to do with zodiac sign or gender. As long as a truly courageous predecessor can take refuge in the brave, with the help of the brave, wealth is plentiful and life and careers run smoothly.