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RavenO Raven symbolizes death, loneliness, bad luck, bad omen. On the other hand, it can symbolize cunning, healing, wisdom, fertility, hope. This bird is associated with the profane, magic, witchcraft, and metamorphosis.

Symbolism and meaning of the raven

The raven's association with bad omen, death, and bad luck is recent. However, many cultures believe that this mystical bird symbolizes positive aspects, for example, for Native Americans, it symbolizes creativity and the sun; for the Chinese and the Japanese, the crow symbolizes gratitude, family love, the divine messenger which represents the good omen.

In China, the emperor's emblem is a three-legged raven, a tripod considered solar, represents birth, zenith and twilight or even, the rising sun (dawn), the midday sun (zenith), the setting sun (sunset) and together they symbolize the life and activities of the emperor.

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Probably, Europe and Christianity were the propellants of the negative meaning attributed to the crow, and today it has spread around the world as part of many beliefs, religions, myths, legends, etc. Since then, for Christians, these scavengers (which feed on rotten meat) are considered the messengers of death and are also associated with Satan, with several demons depicted in the figure of the crow, such as Cain, Amon, Stolas, Malphas, Raum.

In India the raven symbolizes the messengers of death and in Laos the water used by crows is not used to perform rituals because it represents spiritual dirt.

In Greek mythology, the raven was dedicated to Apollo, God of sunlight, and for them these birds played the role of messengers of the gods since they had prophetic functions. For this reason, this animal symbolized light since for the Greeks, the Raven was endowed with a power to evoke bad luck. In the Mayan manuscript “Popol Vuh”, the crow appears as the messenger of the God of thunder and lightning. According to Greek mythology, the crow was a white bird. Apollo gave a crow the mission of being his lover's keeper, but the crow was reckless and the lover betrayed him, as Apollo's punishment made the crow a black bird.

In Norse mythology we find the crow as the companion of Odin (Wotan), god of wisdom, poetry, magic, war and death. Subsequently, in Scandinavian mythology, two crows appear perched on Odin's throne: “Hugin” which symbolizes the spirit, while “Munnin” represents memory; and together they symbolize the principle of creation.

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