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StaircaseO staircase symbolism it is totally related to the relationship between heaven and earth. The staircase is par excellence the symbol of ascension and appreciation, also associated with the symbolism of verticality. However, the staircase symbolizes a two-way communication path, both ascending and descending. Anything that symbolizes valuable progress is related to ascent and growth, and anything that symbolizes loss of value is associated with descent. In art, for example, the ladder often appears as an imaginative support for spiritual ascent. The qualifier and elevation line is vertical, so it is associated with the symbolism of the staircase.

The ladder is very present in the Bible with symbolic meaning, with steps and steps that correspond to different levels. Given the symbolic relationship of the ladder as a part that unites earth and sky, Christ and the cross are symbolically a ladder.

Symbol of ascent, the staircase also supposes a hierarchy and a movement. We started from the earth to the sky, going through many stages. The steps are not destinations, they are crossing points, from where you can see what is left and get a glimpse of what lies ahead.

The symbolism of the ladder refers to the Platonic tradition, which describes the ascension of the soul from the sensible and material world, rising step by step, towards the intelligible world.

In psychoanalysis, the symbolism of the staircase is linked to that of the staircase and the climb. In the interpretation of dreams, stairs are a means of ascension that generates fear, anguish, anxiety and fear.

See the symbology of the sky.

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