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Meaning of Jewish symbols - Dictionary of symbols

The main Jewish symbols are: the Menorah, the Star of David, the Chai, the Torah, the Mezuzah and the Shofar. Ils have an important meaning, that is why ils are still used today by followers of Judaism.

Judaism is a very old Abrahamic religion, the first monotheistic, that is to say which bases its belief on the existence of a single God.


Jewish symbols

The Menorah or Menorah is one of the main symbols of Judaism. Found in temples and synagogues, it is a 7 pointed chandelier that is not properly used to illuminate these places, but it signifies the light of Torah, which never ceases to illuminate.

Each of its ends represents the roots of the Tree of Life.

David's star

Jewish symbols

The Star of David, "the star of the Jews", is a symbol of protection, which also represents the union of opposites.

Although it is a hexagram (six-pointed star), represented by two overlapping equilateral triangles, this symbol represents the number 7.

Indeed, the sum of its structure (points of the triangles, 6, plus its center) results in this number, which is perfect for Judaism.

Also known as the Shield of David, it got its name from the fact that King David used a shield of this shape. The goal was to save metal in the creation of this weapon.

After King David used this shield, his army began using his image on shields, believing that the symbol leur would give protection.


Jewish symbols

Chai is a symbol Jewish represented by the letters of the Hebrew alphabet chet et And you. It means "life" and is used by men and women as a medallion hanging around the neck, intended to protect those who use it.

The letters have the valueeur digital 18, that's why this number is considered the lucky numbereur in Judaism.


Jewish symbols

Torah is the sacred book, the "Hebrew Bible", which contains the handwritten laws and commandments of Judaism. It is a parchment whose rolls are called Azei Hayyim, and it has the meaning of the Tree of Life.


Jewish symbols

The Mezuzah is a talisman that represents the protection and also the faith of pious Jews. This item is used on the right side of house doors and is hit before people enter their homes.

It consists of a small container, insideeur of which is a scroll with a sacred text.


Jewish symbols

Shofar is a ram's horn which symbolizes the New Year Jewish, but above all Abraham's fidelity to God.

According to the Holy Scriptures, God asked Abraham for his fils unique in holocaust. It was not until Abraham was about to kill him that an angel appeared to prevent the sacrifice.

Hand of Fatima

Jewish symbols

In Judaism, the hand of fatima, symbol of Islam, is used as a protective amulet against the evil eye.

It is also known as Hamsá, a word of Arabic origin which means "five", referring to the fingers and the five pillars of the Islamic faith.

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At the beginning of the Jewish year, it is traditional to eat pomegranates. Ils are a symbol of renewal, fertility and prosperity. According to the count, the fruit has 613 seeds, the same number of Mitzvot, which are the Jewish commandments.

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