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8 fun facts about Chanukah


• Chanukah is celebrated for 8 days, although the oil miracle lasts only 7 days (the first night is natural) to teach us that even natural events that appear to be just hidden miracles are real.

• The Maccabi War was the world's first ideological war. fought by a small group of religious Torah scholars. who participated in a guerrilla war against world powers

• There are 17 correct ways to spell Hanukkah: Hanukkah, Channuka, Channukah, Hanuka, Hanukkah, Hanukkah, Hannuka, Hannukah, Hanuka, Hanukkah, Hanukka, Hannukka, Kanukkah, Khannuka, Khannukah, Khanukkah, Khanukkah. "

• 44 candles are used together to observe the eight nights of Chanukah, with one additional candle each night plus Shamash, a special auxiliary candle.

• Approximately 17,5 million fatty donuts are eaten in Israel each year during Hanukkah to commemorate the oil miracle.

• The temple book is gold. Maccabi lighting a wooden. You can buy or craft anything from any material, any size.

• When the Greeks controlled Israel They banned Torah lessons, children meet in secret. learn and if the Greek soldiers found them They would pretend to play with dredels, then Jewish children today play dredels to commemorate their devotion.

• “Chanukiah” or modern eight-branched long book. In addition, the tea comes for a light eight days. Originally there were only seven volumes in the Holy Temple.

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