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Your guide to lighting a menorah

Each holiday has its own unique tradition. And lighting a candle is one of the most famous and famous Hanukkah rituals, here is our guide to walk you through the basics of lighting your Hanukkah book.

Who? Women and men are also required to light the candles. in the Ashkenazi family All family members light their own fire. In the house, Sephardic directs the domestic fire on behalf of their family.

what? Traditionally, Hanukkah candles are lit in candlesticks called Hanukkiah or Hanukkah Menorah.This special lantern has eight levels of candlesticks. with more space to go up, down or forward than the rest of the chamash candles. Most menorahs have eight branches emanating from the nucleus or have several supports protruding from a flat platform. You can light a fire using the oil lamp of a candle.

or? Lighting a candle is remembering and sharing the stories and miracles of Hanukkah (see below), which is why we light candles in most of the public areas of our home. for people to see them a lot of people placent the book on the window sill so that it could be seen by strangers.In Israel, religious Jews placent the book in a special display case that is placed on a balcony, terrace or street outside.

When? We welcome each new day to the Eight Day Festival by lighting a number of candles each day. (Remember Jewish days begin at dusk.) This means our number of candles has gone from one candle on the first night to the last eight! The Talmud calls this method of lighting. According to the philosopher Hillel, Mehadrin min Hamehadrin is the most beautiful way.

Why? He looks back at the story of the infamous Hanukkah, the Greeks invading the former Israeli kingdom of Judea. And preaching Judaism is now illegal: no Shabbat, no more festivals. No more religious teachings or sacred biblical texts, no more brit milah (circumcised) The Greeks also destroyed the Jewish sanctuary by creating the Transfiguration of Zeus and by sacrificing pigs in the sanctuary.
The Jews were an oppressed nation in their country. until the family of the high priest The Maccabees (known as the Maccabees) revolt in meticulously planned military operations. A small group of Jewish rebels have taken back their country - and finally their temple - from the powerful Greeks.

They began to clean and purify the temple to offer it to the Lord. The Maccabi wanted to light the huge golden candles in the temple. (Book of Manorah) that always lights a fire But they found out that there was only one sealed bottle of holy oil that was good to use - enough for a day. small bottle of oil One of these bottles was miraculously burnt and burnt and took eight days to produce new oil.

remember this wonderful miracle We light a Hanukkah book every night for eight nights. This is why Hanukkiah has more branches than the guest book that is in the temple.

You've got: The Complete Guide to Lighting Hanukkah Candles! Click here to learn more about choosing a beautiful Hanukkah book.

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