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Precautions Feng Shui for store decoration - Fortune Net

The decoration of stores is a problem that operators attach great importance to, since the quality of decoration is related to the number of buyers and therefore affects the profitability of the store.

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Whether interior decoration or store decoration, the Feng Shui must be taken into account, so let's look at the precautions for store decoration.

Precautions Feng Shui for store decoration

1. The store door is not too small

From the point of view of feng shui, store doors that are too small mean that the outlets of the store are reduced, which is not conducive to receiving gas, affecting the gas flow and reducing the vitality of the store. In addition, if the store door is too small, it will be inconvenient for customers to enter and exit, and friction between customers will easily occur, which will eventually affect the normal operations of the store.

2. The color of the storefront should not be random.

The choice of decorating colors for stores is also very special: bright colors like red will delight customers and stimulate consumer desire. From the point of view of feng shui, the store's night color should be chosen based on the owner's birthday, store orientation, and the attributes of the five elements of items sold in the store.

Precautions Feng Shui for store decoration

3. The store door should be spacious

The store door is an important channel for absorbing wealth, so it should not be too small, it should be designed to be larger when decorating to facilitate entry of wealth. In addition, if the store door is too small, it will affect the normal entry and exit of customers.

4. Open the door to the crowd

Which direction has a large flow of people, then the store door can be opened in that direction, so that more people can see the store and attract more customers to enter the store. In Feng Shui, this type of arrangement comes down to promoting popularity and wealth, avoiding abandonment, seeking the advantages and avoiding the disadvantages.

5. Bar and door

Due to the needs of the business, a bar is usually designed when decorating, but its height and emplacement must be taken into account. In principle, it is the most common practice for the bar counter to face the door, but in the case of facing the door, consider avoiding the door directly facing the bar without any obstruction; and the bar counter must be larger than the width of the door, otherwise it won't be fair.

Precautions Feng Shui for store decoration

6. Decoration of the entrance hall

When decorating a store, you should choose a professional team to decorate the store, taking into account the business characteristics of the store and the store decorating issues related to the store. feng shui, to ensure that there are more professional standards and operational characteristics. The decorative paintings in the entrance hall should be considered to have more important service style characteristics; do not hang from mountains, rivers and beasts, these portraits are vicious and represent the meaning of losing money in the feng shui.

7. Inplacement of the god of wealth

The most important thing when decorating a store is to make sure that you don't waste money, and that should mean prosperous wealth. The location of the God of Wealth plays a very important role in mastering the Feng Shui in the decoration of stores. The God of Wealth should be placed in a relatively hidden position, especially not directly facing the main entrance to the store, but on one side or covered, so as not to violate the taboo.