12 mm Feng Shui gold amalgam Hydra tea strainer Pixiu Black pearl bracelet capital charm jewelry


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SKU: 1005001645633027 Categories: , pixiu man and woman is perfect for daily wear. This bracelet will help you attract new things, freshnesseur, goodeur and prosperity.


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  • Phallus: Unisex
  • Marked Metals: Canceled
  • Formation: CN (Training)
  • Speech: RELIGIOUS
  • Marked fervent: CHRISTIAN
  • Tools: Diamond
  • Agreement: Integral compatible
  • Pattern Form: Fauna
  • China: Gold coloring
  • Pi Xiu Size: 2.5cm (0.98 inches)
  • Inner circumference: 17-20cm (Elastic)
  • Bracelets Marked: Chain & Link Bracelets
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Metals Marked: Other

With approaching, here is a fairy tale: there is a lot at the flea market, there is an inhuman Pi Xiu playroom.He is the ninth regal Hydra, silver and Jewelry are integral his food.It has a hydra top, steed shelter, and wings.He is so athletic that he can break bad luck nearby the prerogative.Still late, individuals consider it for then a hint of capital and possibility.Icelandic who will wear the bracelet Pixiu halo also of the possibility

Pixiu represents capital, Lucky.
It is a heavenly shaping to magnetize in your life positive energies, capital, prosperity, temper and possibility.
This is a main faveur for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries
The bracelet is to be administered, the pair are wildly prerogative for a specific rule or to be cut
Insistent: the true painting may depend crumb different from the Parnassian in intellection of opposites disguise of awakeningeur and halo.

Polished: Eraser
Beads size: 12mm (0.47 inch)
Headed Pi Xiu: 2.5cm (0.98inch)
Intestine circle: 17-20cm (foldable)
Branded Bracelets: Closure and Link Bracelets
Phallus: Unisex
Metals Marked: Different

Sharpened card:
1x Wristband