Fengshui Bracelet Pixiu for men and women, , amulet, obsidian beads, alms, jewelry

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SKU: 4001166580089 Category: pixiu man and woman is perfect for daily wear. This bracelet will help you attract new things, freshnesseur, goodeur and prosperity.


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  • Typical of Bracelets: Strand bracelets
  • Vulva: Unisex
  • Typical of Metals: Canceled
  • Behaviour: RELIGIOUS
  • Typical follower: Lamaism
  • Subject: RESIN
  • Pattern Form: Cruel
  • Typical adjustment: Canceled
  • Typical pin: laces
  • Material: Resin
  • Bead Size: 10mm / 12mm
  • Inner circumference: 17-20cm
  • gender: Men Bracelet Women Bracelet
  • Bracelets Behavior: religious jewelry


Reverse attack, here is a fiction of exposition: there is endless in which the secular eras, there is an inhuman named Pi Xiu. This is the ninth little Royal Hydra. gold, silver and Jewelry are integral to his life. He has a hydra high, a foal association and wings. He's so much strong that he can get away with jinxing it in a hurry.So late, the crowd considers it as a hint of savings and benefits. Each pushed the bracelet Pixiu atmosphere for the benefit

Pixiu represents the nest egg, hazardous. It's a charming execution of priming positive energies, nest egg, faveur, of the spirit and of the advantage in which your life. It's a brilliant alms for birthdays, late witnessing, birthdays The bracelet is to be assigned the duplicates are eager for a specific slump or to be broken up Explanation: the current grain may inconsiderately different creature from the poetic in monit motley braineurs and dawn toilet.
Resolution: Subject: lacquer
Shaved beads: 10 / 12mm (0.47inch)
Long Pi Xiueur: 25cm(Behavior 2)
24.5 * 11 * 9mm (Behavior 3)
33 * 14 * 12mm(Behavior 4)

Secret circle: 17-20cm (stretchy)




Further information

Coloreur of Metal

Style 1 beads 10mm, Style 3 beads 10mm, Style 4 beads 12mm