Bracelet Pixiu 3D thermochromic, Obsidian consent, Six cryptogram mantra, slip Feng Shuimascot


Our bracelets Feng Shui black obsidian are made from real natural mini dragon statuette Pixiu and pieces of rough black obsidian stone. It is widely used to balance yin and yang energy, repair broken or damaged relationships, remove obstacles in one's path, eliminate black magic or negative energy, amplify positive energy. It is also used as an anti-theft amulet. Its physical properties include high hardness, high density and low water absorption rate. With its name derived from Paris which means “Stone of rarities”, the pixiu has become popular among the Chinese for thousands of years.

SKU: 4001280249598 Category: pixiu man and woman is perfect for daily wear. This bracelet will help you attract new things, freshnesseur, goodeur and prosperity.


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  • Bracelets Prototype: Strand bracelets
  • Phallus: Entities
  • Prototype of Metals: Copper union
  • Formation: CN (Training)
  • Twisted or news: Usage
  • Elegant: clear / acrobat
  • Tangible: Tiled
  • Rod prototype: Beaded bracelet
  • Prototype Commodity: BRACELETS
  • Agreement: none
  • Pattern Form: Insect
  • Charged: NONE
  • Model List: 001
  • Fit prototype: Canceled
  • Lock prototype: NONE
  • Material: Natural Obsidian

Tangible scope
Six Cryptogram Mantra Beads: Gem
Beads nothing words: piece
Width of the slip: 12mm

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Further information

Coloreur of Metal

NO words, Six-character