2 Barils/choice Key and Clasp Two Bracelet Premium Event Gauntlet Payable Towards Continually Affection Reconciliation Bracelet Two Magnetic Charm Bracelet


A perfect little gift for couples, this magnetic couple bracelet features magnet beads that match male and female, as well as stainless steel beads. The 7 1/4 inch bracelet features meaningful sayings engraved on the side, such as "I'm yours!" and “Confess your love to her in exchange for these sublime bracelets”. This piece comes in a decorative box, just add a bow!

SKU: 1005002619148982 Category: : discover the difference a bracelet can make! This magnetic wristband is specially designed to hold two wristbands together to remind wearingeur that he still has his partner. Beneficial for people who are separated and with children, business partners or simply lovers. The bracelet is adjustable and easy to wear.


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Two bracelets are worn on the same wrist. One bracelet may contain MR-50 magnets for men, while the other will have MS-50 magnets for women. These powerful magnetic bracelets help reduce stress and pain.eur in the joint areas of the elbow, wrist or hand. Ideal for anyone who works with computer keyboardseur, watch TV, play the piano or guitar, do assembly work or other repetitive tasks, etc. Use two magnetic wristbands to wear one on each wrist for even better effects.eurs

  • Print Name: LURUIXU
  • Paragon of Bracelets: Enclosure & Link Bracelets
  • Virility: LOVER
  • Paragon of Metals: tin aloi
  • Preliminary: CN (Preliminary)
  • Valuable or logical: Custom
  • Attitude: TRENDS
  • Question: 
  • Ring paragon: Twine enclosure
  • Paragon Commodity: BRACELETS
  • Agreement: Integral compatible
  • Pattern Form: LOCK
  • Going: Acrimony tracker
  • Model Quantity: WY087K
  • Paragon of adjustment: Adjustment of the shoe
  • Paragon latch: Clasps to order
  • Color: Black Red Blue Lawn
  • Texture: Alloy
  • Model: Lock Key
  • Drop Shipping: Plausible












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