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Meaning of Alligator - Dictionary of Symbols



AlligatorThe meaning of the alligator is similar to that of the crocodile. The alligator symbolizes the seigneur primordial waters; it is a divine, nocturnal and lunar figure. The alligator has the voracity of the night, which daily devours the day sun, and represents O cycle symbolic De rebirths. The strength of the alligator is inescapable, because it is inevitable that night takes day and death takes life, in the same way that this symbolic chain repeats itself.

In Chinese tradition, the alligator is the createur drum and song, he He O Engime in to control O rythme et le harmony de monde et women life.

By its nature, this animal is intrinsically related to water, but it also transits through land, so it occupies a position intermediate between I items Earth et Water.

In some mythologies, such as in Egypt, the alligator It's the symbol women death et de darkness. The alligator's tail represents darkness, its throat to death and its eyes to the sun.As for the Aztecs, the world was born from an alligator that lived in a sea of ​​original waters.

The alligator also symbolizes abundance, strength and fertility. Its symbolism is also associated with that of the dragon and has fundamental contradictions. The alligator doors I mysteries of life et women death, and the light De knowledge Cache à © © overshadowed.

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