Mala wood bead bracelets

Discover this magnificent Mâla bracelet made of sandalwood beads, travel through their unique scent, breathe deeply and contemplate the world around us with compassion.
It is said that in Buddhist culture the scents of this unique wood are able to transform desires and boost concentration during meditation.
Sandalwood has been used since the dawn of time. Some sacred books written in Sanskrit refer to it. In ancient Egypt, it was used for its medicinal properties and in the practice of embalming.
It is also found in Hindu culture and is used in religious celebrations. It is one of the key ingredients of embalming pastes used in the temples of Shiva, and its practitioners carry the mark on the forehead at the level of the third eye.
Virtue Sandalwood has many properties
Physical: Sandalwood acts on respiratory tract disorders, its antibacterial properties protect and purify.
Emotional: Sandalwood is known for its sedative properties that promote relaxation and well-being of body and mind. It is ideal for a mindful meditation session. It is also used to fight against stress, insomnia and addictions. Wear these bracelets brings tranquility in sandalwood, take this time to contemplate, breathe deeply and appreciate the present moment for what it is.

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