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Skull bracelets

Skull bracelets

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Jewelry with human skull symbols
Discover our jewelry: fashionable biker "Hell's angels" bracelets and necklaces for men and women made of eg natural matte onyx stone beads and a silver human skull with a pair of human tibia in 925 sterling silver on cord or elastic in custom size. Our “memento mori” graphic patterns will match well with a tattoo on an arm at the wrist for example, with a leather cuff and earrings adorned with this symbol of piracy. For the wrists of a fashionable man who loves this morbid gothic symbol but seeks a touch of colorful fantasy. A woman in pirate fashion wearing a matching Halloween watch and vanity bracelet on her wrist.
The rock detail
Dare a stone bracelet with this symbolic shape which represents human sacrifice, a steel skull which means "remember you are going to die". Our bracelets are available in women's size length (Xs, S). Also leather bracelets with this symbol of piracy. Quick delivery.
Origin of skulls
Symbol of an ephemeral world, this symbol which represents a human skull with sometimes a pair of crossed tibia (bone) below the skull, it is associated with death and human vanities, It is an emblem that finds its origins in antiquity, Used in modern cultures, in the fashion industry for example.