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Bracelets feng shui obsidian

Bracelets feng shui obsidian

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Meaning of the bracelet Feng Shui Pixiu What is black obsidian?
Le Pixiu dragon gelang is one of the most common celestial beasts in the Feng Shui, which is believed to attract money, whether it is windfall or direct income for its owner. In recent years, it has appeared in the form of an ornament materialized on hand jewelry such as the wrist with the bracelets pixiu dragon or mantra rings. made of different materials most often Obsidian, crystal, Jade, Liu Li, Gold ... as well as a bracelets and rings Pixiu very trendy in Asia among the Chinese then imported into countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Canada, United States… Bracelets that you can buy with a lot of choice on websites marketplace like aliexpress, amazon or joom for example with free shipping.
On which hand it is better to wear bracelets Feng Shui ? : Our opinion
Crystal is an auspicious ornament Feng Shui very spiritual, with the crystal, not only can eliminate disaster and confusion, but also attract wealth and treasure, to help improve fortune. But to wear crystals, there are still some instructions, more precisely, to attract crystals of wealth which hand is better to wear? Do all crystals have the effect of attracting wealth?
Should I wear the bracelet on my right hand or on my left hand?
In general, any crystal bracelet should be worn on the left hand as the Chinese say that the right side absorbs while the left side grows back. When we wear the black obsidian bracelet on the right, it acts as a protection, protecting us from the harmful energies inside and outside of us.

In recent years, the combination of a gold Pi Xiu with black obsidian to create a bracelet is in fashion. In this case, the bracelet should be worn on the left side, as the emphasis is on obtaining greater luck. However, you need to know the dos and don'ts of wearing a bracelet. Pixiu.
Presentation of crystals
Crystals are very popular as user-friendly gemstones, with colorful appearance and crystalline appearance like stars. There are many different types of crystals and high and low prices like tiger eye. As a crystalline quartz mineral, it has absorbed the earth's aura after tens of thousands of years underground and has a strong energetic magnetic field all its own. The reason people love to wear crystals is because they absorb the natural ability to help the wearer improve their own magnetic field, with the efficiency and transit role of prosperity.

As to which hand to wear obsidian crystals on bracelets and rings for wealth, there are still a few sayings. Some people think of “the left of men and the right of women”, but it's too simple and too quick, and not all luck objects follow this principle. To understand how to wear crystals for good fortune, it is important to understand what type of crystal body they belong to.

Crystals are divided into two categories, one being radioactive crystals and the other being absorbent crystals. Radioactive crystals are crystals that release their ability to attract the right magnetic fields and help the wearer to purify their negative energy. Absorbent crystals, on the other hand, draw negative energy from the wearer's body and transform that negative energy. Therefore, according to the saying "the left in, the right out", our right and left hands are considered in Buddhism as the left purifying hand, which absorbs good energy, and the right hand, which serves to release the negative energy.

So, if you want to wear crystals to improve your fortune, you should wear them in your left hand when wearing radioactive crystals, and in your right hand when wearing absorbent crystals. Radioactive crystals for attracting wealth are commonly found in the market, citrine crystal is pure, yellow crystals represent wealth, wear it to attract wealth, help improve fortune. Crystal for dark hair not only helps attract wealth, but also prevent wickedness. Wearing the crystal for dark hair helps the wearer to improve their fortune and increase the return on investment.

Some of the precautions to be taken for wearing the crystal, mainly the need for regular demagnetization. The crystals have the effect of absorbing negative energy, it is necessary placer the crystal under running water, the rinsing time should not be too long, half a minute is best. This is the easiest way to do it, but it needs to be done for a long time, usually two or three times a month. Second, you can also demagnetize the crystal by placing it in a crystal. It takes longer to operate, usually placed overnight, and taken out every other day to recharge the crystal and strengthen its spirituality. Third, put the crystal under the sun, choose a good sunny day, put the crystal on the balcony, window, do not expose it to the sun, usually half an hour once, once a month can be done . Fourth, you can placer the crystal in the ground, put the crystal in clean ground, one day to let the crystal and the ground in full contact, through the aura of the ground to increase the aura of the crystal, remove the negative energy of the crystal , it should be noted that this way is more suitable for the absorbent crystal, the time once a month to two months is good.

Obsidian is the most absorbent of all crystals, so many people use obsidian to make Buddhist medals, to wear it to ward off evil and prevent the invasion of evil things, and as an ornament can also to be placed in the house to calm the house and solve the scourge, to ensure eternal well-being. Obsidian contains special energy, it can enhance the surrounding magnetic field. Most of the obsidian available in the market comes from Mexico and is also known as Apache Tears. Today, Yi' compiles information and gives are review on the effects and meaning du feng shui and obsidian.
Regarding how to wear your fengshui bracelet
Carry it on yourself:
Many modern Buddhist objects choose obsidian as the raw material for making Buddha statues, because obsidian does not belong to the pure crystal class, the energy is very powerful, but after the pure natural ingredients are used inappropriately, it swallows up positive energy and affects fortune. However, for people who are mentally weak, prone to daytime and nighttime disturbances, and those who work at night, wearing obsidian can be used as a talisman, as well as to ward off evil spirits, alter the surrounding aura and avoid to come up against extraordinary things. In some Buddhist monasteries, obsidian is used as a material to make various accessories to wear, and it is also one of the tools of Buddhist practice.

Placeat home:
If you have an elderly person or a child who often feels malaof, but you cannot find the cause, you can placer a large obsidian in your living room to keep it away from maladies and bless your health. If you placez in your living room, you can also bring wealth and prosperity to it. Invite good fortune. If you've been having bad luck recently, you can also placer a seven-star obsidian array to remove negative energy and spin luck.
In terms of energy feng shui
The main function of obsidian is to absorb negative energy, blocking any bad luck, long-term wear and tear can also be strong to solve evil, and The main function of obsidian is to absorb energy negative and block all bad luck.

Good luck :
It is said that the origin of obsidian is that a team from the tribe of the Apache Indians, unfortunately ambushed in a battle, resulting in no survivors, and the family knew after the tears in a river, so that the tears turned into a piece of obsidian, passed down to this day, people believe that owning an obsidian means all bad luck is over, will usher in good luck, never cry again, the next that happiness and joy.

Improvement :
People seriously malawear obsidian to strengthen their health, improve the quality of sleep, relieve mood and stress, eliminate fatigue and increase self-confidence. People who are usually mildly malades should wear obsidian to strengthen the surrounding magnetic field, strengthen the resistance body and avoid being haunted by the maladie. It is also useful for people who smoke and drink often.
Feng Shui, bracelets and other uses of black obsidian
If you're a crystal lover, you've also heard of black obsidian, which is closest to tiger eye in terms of defensive properties. Let's take a closer look ...
What is black obsidian and what are its applications?
Obsidian is a mineral that is used to cleanse harmful energy and is considered to be one of the most protective stones in the world from crystals. It not only eliminates negativity in the environment, but also a person's unwanted feelings, such as frustration, disappointment, apprehension, anxiety, and a variety of other negative emotions.

Black obsidian comes in a variety of colors and shapes, stripes, stars, bright colors, and even the rarest Rainbow Obsidian, with one or two eyes, but the most common is black or the Tiger's Eye stone but more rarely. It also comes in different forms, such as pendants, bracelets and necklaces. It is also used to make sacred figurines and decorations Feng Shui.
What are the advantages of wearing a black obsidian bracelet?
Defend against toxic forces and ward off evil spirits. It's a good idea to wear one as a defensive amulet, especially when traveling abroad.

It can also be used to reduce voltage levels by helping with energy management. It's easier to think clearly and control your emotions when you have calm feelings, which means you're less likely to get involved in unnecessary arguments or quarrels. Ultimately, it will improve your health in the long run.
It cleanses the aura of the wearer and protects it.
Electronic Magnetic Field Safety (EMF)
What is the significance of black obsidian in the Feng Shui ?
1. To neutralize harmful energies, some practitioners use black obsidian, usually cut in the shape of Hu Lu, and position it in areas of the home or office that are influenced by flying stars No. 2 (star of the maladie) and n ° 5 (star of misfortune).

As you may have seen, black obsidian is used in a variety of objects Feng Shui commercially available. Most of these items are used to repel negativity, provide security, and reduce sha qi, so they are placed in various places where they are needed. Here are a few examples:

Dragon Turtle with a crystal ball
Pyramid Seven-star structure of crystal points, also known as crystal towers
Hu Lu / Wu Lou Ba Gua Hu Lu / Wu Lou Ba Gua Hu Lu / Wu Lou Ba

If you decide to have one, keep in mind that black obsidian having the power to consume negative energies, it should be cleaned daily.
Bracelets Feng Shui : How to clean them
These exquisite jewelry can be cleaned in different ways. They can be cleaned by putting uncooked brown rice in a bowl and covering it completely.

Placez your bracelet or other jewelry in the container and leave it overnight. The purpose of the rice water is to squeeze out any flaws or harmful energies that the stones have absorbed over time.
What are the benefits of wearing a black obsidian bracelet?
In the Middle Ages, the black obsidian bracelet was known as the crystallized firestone bracelet or the black infinity bracelet. This sparkling black bracelet was considered one of the most powerful amulets and talismans. He was prized for his ability to unveil mysteries to the bravest. Let's go!

The black obsidian bracelet symbolizes and signifies justice and balance. It contains the energies of the Law: the energy of being and the energy of the Universe. It allows you to live your life according to your own internal rules.
You will use this bracelet to become more aware of your own imbalances. Through the play of resonance, it allows you to become aware of it.

The injustices you encounter are a reflection of your contempt for your own laws. Likewise, the struggles and oppositions that you see mirror outbursts of rage and internal battles.
This bracelet strengthens your self-confidence. It gives you a feeling of control. It's not about suffocating others, it's about loving yourself and being treated.

It helps you overcome your fear of confrontation by showing you how it can be beneficial. The black Obsidian bracelet (also available in silver or celestial) helps in the expression of natural authority.
And consideration for the Other as for oneself. It demonstrates that in order to restore balance it is also beneficial to be in control so that messages are heard.

This authority helps you to gain self-esteem and, therefore, to say "no" to what is deeply bad for you.

It also has the specified benefits, which you should think about before wearing the bracelet Feng Shui black obsidian.

The integration of shades is made easy - not everything that glitters is golden. No one is faultless, and understanding the positive and negative aspects of ourselves that we suppress will help us see ourselves in a more rational light.

It also allows us to learn more about ourselves, which actually means being able to improve ourselves or really understand ourselves.

Stability - It allows us to be confident in our position on earth by knowing our desires, which allows us to live a fuller life in the natural world while providing spiritual guidance. Obsidian helps to accept the material aspects of life.

The black obsidian bracelet corresponds to the origin or foundation chakra and our connection to the natural world.

Most black obsidian bracelets collect dense energies to provide protection and wash. Black obsidian bracelets defend us from negativity like true defensive shields.