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Titanium and steel piercing

When shopping for a new piercing, you can choose from a variety of different materials. While it is very likely that you will choose your body jewelry based on appearance, it is also essential that the material is taken into account in making the right decision. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of titanium piercings.

Benefits of titanium piercings

By far, most body jewelry is made from 316L surgical steel. However, when a piercer does the shot, he almost always uses titanium, but what exactly is titanium?

Titanium is similar to gold, it comes from the earth and is mined from minerals such as ilmenite and ruthiel. The main characteristic of titanium is that it is very firm and three times stronger than steel. It makes it very difficult to work with them. Titanium only melts at a temperature of 1660 degrees Celsius. To melt titanium and process it, specialized equipment is required, which makes it very expensive.

Pure titanium is 99% to 99,7% pure. Titanium, unlike other metals, has the peculiarity of not adhering to the body and is widely used as pins and plates in the medical world. This characteristic makes titanium also ideal for use as a piercing. The fact that it is strong ensures that the piercing is durable, the titanium corrodes but is not visible. Titanium piercings can come in contact with both water and sweat without fading, which is ideal because it is a lightweight metal that makes it comfortable to wear.

Disadvantages of titanium piercings.

The main disadvantage of titanium is that it is much more expensive than surgical steel. In particular, the process and production of titanium drives up the overall price of drilling. Titanium piercings are much more durable and stay in better condition longer than surgical steel, when purchasing a piercing maybe this is something you should consider.

All of our titanium piercings are 100% nickel free. We recommend that you consider titanium piercings if you have a nickel allergy. Unfortunately, the range of titanium piercings is not as wide as surgical steel piercings, but there are other options such as gold or acrylic as well.

The titanium piercings have many advantages, it ensures durability and comfort because the material is very light. But it is a more expensive price and it should not be taken for granted! If you choose to pay a little more for a titanium piercing.

Why choose anodized titanium?

When you think of body jewelry, what materials do you generally think of? 316L stainless steel; 14 karat gold; titanium; bioplastic. These materials are usually light, gold or silver in color (with the exception of bioplastic, which comes in several colors). These regular metallic finishes look classic and sophisticated on many levels, but they're not always “fun”.

When a titanium piece of jewelry is anodized, the process changes it in different ways. It changes the crystal structure of the metal on the surface and also changes the texture of the metal on a microscopic level. These changes in structure result in different colors resulting in the vibrant rainbows that the anodized jewelry falls into.

Additionally, the film created on titanium is often much stronger than painting, plating, or other coloring methods.

What Makes Titanium So Good?

While most metals can be anodized, titanium body jewelry is a very common choice for this process for several reasons:

1.) It is inert: the concept of “hypoallergenic” jewelry is somewhat of a myth. Many people are sensitive to materials, even base metals. Every body is different, but in the case of titanium, it is one of the most biocompatible metals you can choose from.

2.) Safe Coating - You may look at the beautiful bright colors of anodized titanium and think it's coated with something crazy… But even in its brightest state, anodized titanium is still titanium in its entirety.

3.) Vivid Colors - Anodized titanium comes in multiple colors including: green, blue, purple, gold, red, black and with an amazing rainbow finish (think a stain of cool oil in a puddle water).

4.) Durable: The anodized coating is stronger on metal such as titanium. You can be assured of maximum durability by choosing coated titanium.