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the meaning of Shambhala bracelets

Meaning No. 1. Shambhala, a legendary land in Antiquity

Shambhala is a mythical kingdom lost in the Tibetan mountains. It is believed that the inhabitants of Shambhala were able to heal all maladies, that they were versed in the most complicated sciences, that they knew how to read the souls of others and that they had discovered the secret of extraordinary longevity.

If the kingdom exists in the physical world, it is most likely located in the expanses of western China or in the valleys of Tibet. But the entrance will only be open to the elect, whose minds and souls are pure.

It is not in vain that Shambhala has been sought after, but without success, by many rulers, starting with Alexander of Macedon. After all, anyone who finds him will open a portal to the Earth's information field, where all information about the universe, science, and spirituality is stored, and supernatural abilities will become available to him.

What is Shambhala country?

Shambhala, a magical talisman bracelet

The ancient Tibetan monks inherited the art of weaving special talismans from the inhabitants of Shambhala.

The meaning of the bracelet shamballa is hard to overstate - it's woven for luck, protection, and success. What is the bracelet Shamballa ? It is your personal magical talisman. Thanks to her, you can touch the magical world of the land of Shambhala.

Bracelets shamballa are not just luxury jewelry. Through natural stones, crystals and glass, hand-woven using ancient technology, the spirit of the mystical land is transmitted.

Because of their sacred significance, bracelets shamballa protect their owner from negative energy, attract good luck and maintain the balance of the mind.

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