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Luxury beaded bracelets for men and women

Luxury beaded bracelets for men and women

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The natural stone bracelet, elegant and endowed with various virtues, is also distinguished by its originality. Each model is really unique to highlight your outfit, but also to acquire properties or maintain health during lithotherapy.

Natural mineral bead bracelets are popular for their aesthetic appeal and come in a variety of sizes, but you can also choose them based on their virtues or your astrological sign to protect yourself and catch the good waves swirling around. you. you. In addition, artists, jewelry designers, and DIY enthusiasts use the stones in this jewelry to create their own works of art. In addition, artists, jewelry designers or DIY enthusiasts also use the stones from such jewelry for their own creations. They can choose between several diameters and shapes of pearls.

The scales will choose a bracelet or other bull's eye, citrine, hawk eye, malachite, natural green jade, crystal, tiger eye, heliotrope jasper. The best stone bracelets for Scorpio are the malachite, hawk eye, red jasper, bull's eye, citrine, tiger eye, crystal, malachite, hematite, black agate. Sagittarius will prefer a bracelet in black agate, amethyst, crystal, labradorite, rose quartz, crystal, lapis lazuli. Capricorn will choose red jasper, tiger eye, amethyst, chalcedony, crystal, malachite, hematite, black agate. Aquarius chooses an amethyst, red jasper, tiger eye, rock crystal, turquoise, hawk eye, black obsidian, snow obsidian, bull's eye bracelet.

Bracelets in natural stones and chakras

According to some Eastern beliefs, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, the chakras (or wheels in Sanskrit) are the energy centers of the body. The ancients recognized for thousands of years that our health and quality of life are influenced by our balance, and this statement still stands today. Thus, we can distinguish 7 chakras of different colors that must be balanced as soon as a person feels a disturbance in a given area. To open your chakras and bring them into harmony with each other, do a yoga or meditation session in a quiet place and light a scented stick. Don't forget to equip yourself with your stone bracelets to enjoy their benefits!

Here are stone bracelets or other types of jewelry that you can equip according to your chakras to unlock or harmonize them.

Sahasra, the name of the crown or fontanel chakra, purple in color: unlock it if you have migraines, are going through a depressive phase, or suffer from dermatitis. The ideal stone bracelets to balance this chakra are crystal, amethyst, turquoise. Each of these stones is available in our store. A small zoom on their photos will allow you to appreciate their quality and the details of their finish. Ajna, the frontal chakra or third eye chakra: consider balancing it if you often suffer from sinusitis, if you are bipolar or if you have maladie eyes. Take a four-eye bracelet or a row of howlite and jasper beads during meditation. Vishuddha or Throat Chakra: This chakra should be cleansed if you often suffer from a sore throat, often have a stiff neck, or if your thyroid gland is not functioning normally. Burn some incense sticks and take these stones with you: chalcedony, amazonite, moonstone, obsidian, crystal bead, moonstone or iron pyrite. Anahata or heart chakra: it is the pivot point of all the chakras. Temple of love, empathy and gentleness, this chakra should be cleansed if you have difficulty socializing or failing to establish a long-term romantic relationship. On the physical level, the imbalances of this chakra are manifested by malacardiac and pulmonary dies or respiratory allergies. The mineral stones you need for your new stone bracelet are: black agate, amazonite, crystal,

Manipurana or solar plexus chakra should be cleansed if your digestive tract is not functioning properly and you are suffering from diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, gas, etc. Remember to cleanse yourself if you have eczema or diabetes as well. In this case, treat yourself to a model with four eyes, a bracelet in stone and crystal of labradorite, a jewel in citrine or labradorite. Svadhistana or Lumbar Chakra: Also called sacral chakra, it needs to be balanced if you have genital or kidney problems, loss of libido, liver pain, or if you live with a constant feeling of anger. To remedy this, order a new mineral moonstone bracelet. Finally, our delivery service is fast if you want to get your jewelry quickly! The muladhara or root chakra needs to be balanced if you are going through a phase of depression or anxiety. Also, this chakra must be unblocked if you are suffering from constipation or diarrhea, or if you are having difficulty with your rectum. Arm yourself with a four-link bracelet or a bracelet made of heliotrope jasper, black agate or obsidian beads.

Maintenance of natural stone bracelets

Have you noticed that your stone bracelet has become a bit dirty due to your frequent use? In this case, it is sufficient to clean the pearls with a soft, damp cloth. You can also clean them, but since each stone is unique, we recommend that you first consult the page dedicated to the bracelet or the cleaning and recharging table. Then, ideally on a mass of quartz, you can expose it in broad daylight or in moonlight.

The wire of your stone bracelet, which is sold in 3 different types of closures, can be made of steel with a silver clasp if you want your jewelry to be strong and if you want to wear it every day. Choose a steel wire with a gold clasp for an elegant and stylish piece of jewelry. On the other hand, choose a bracelet model with elastic thread if you want to attach the beads to other jewelry or use them as decorative objects. Our models are well made and original. All you have to do is make your choice, indicate the name of your product and for any order over € 1, we guarantee free delivery anywhere in the world!

Properties of natural stone bracelets in lithotherapy

Natural stone bracelets have a positive impact on our health, quality of life, success and personal development. They help us to cure our problems in an alternative way thanks to lithotherapy. The mineral qualities of each natural stone have a beneficial influence on our metabolism. They also generate characteristic vibrations which are good for the body and the psyche.

Wearing a bracelet or a curb made of natural stone allows you to take advantage of their power if you want to regain or maintain your health or if you want to protect yourself from the vagaries of life. Take the example of the 3-eye pearl bracelet: it will protect you from the evil eye wherever you go and it will help you succeed in all your projects. You will combine the protective power of the hawk eye with the courage and perseverance of the bull's eye and the serenity of the tiger eye. Their therapeutic properties are also impressive, whether in bracelet or necklace. Falcon's eye will help you treat your respiratory ailments while bull's eye will help relieve joint pain. Finally, tiger eye is perfect for energizing the body and strengthening the digestive system, you will feel the novelty of these benefits.

People who suffer from recurring migraines, back pain, or who do not have immediate ideas should use agate. Do not hesitate to buy a bracelet of agate beads of different lengths for a healthier digestive and respiratory system! Amazonite is an interesting stone because it acts as a wave neutralizer.

electromagnetic that revolve around you. In the form of a jewel and more precisely of a bracelet, it will also help you find serenity in the event of stress or intense emotional shock. The howlite bracelet on the other hand, helps people who want to lose weight. This natural stone, whether in the form of a bracelet, necklace or pendant, is also ideal for strengthening bones, stimulating digestion and toning the skin. Each piece of jewelry (bracelet, etc.) presented in our catalog is available for immediate delivery. To better admire them, do not hesitate to zoom in on the photos of the bracelets!

Bracelets in natural stones and astrological signs

The natural stones that will make up your bracelet or jewelry (like a pendant) can be chosen according to your astrological sign to protect you in everyday life, bring you good luck and make sure that whatever you do is crowned with success. You can also choose your bracelet according to your budget, as the price of each stone varies according to its rarity. Rest assured, there are fortunately several stone bracelets, different colors depending on the sign of correspondence. Which stones to adopt according to your sign?

If you are an Aries, choose amethyst, red jasper, turquoise, rock crystal, hematite, rose quartz jewelry. A Taurus will choose the bracelet or necklace in black agate, rock crystal, hematite, labradorite, rose quartz, green jade, heliotrope jasper, turquoise. Gemini will choose the falcon eye, bull's eye, tiger eye, chalcedony bracelet or pendant, malachite, red jasper, citrine, natural rock crystal, howlite. A Cancer will order a jewel (pendant, necklace or bracelet) in rose quartz, moonstone, obsidian, labradorite, green jade, rock crystal, faceted agate, tourmaline. A lion will ask for malachite, red jasper, black agate, rock crystal, citrine, hematite, landscape jasper. Virgo will choose bull's eye, hawk eye, tiger eye, rock crystal, red jasper, malachite, howlite, labradorite, faceted agate, citrine, amethyst, amazonite.