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Pearl bracelets with Buddha

Pearl bracelets with Buddha

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Bracelets and beads mean a lot in Buddhist culture. They are used to pray, read mantras, and perform rituals. In addition, these bracelets and beads carry important information, the message for all followers of Buddhist doctrine. The bracelet is a smaller version of traditional beads that has the same meaning and conveys the same message. The bracelet is not only a fancy and unusual accessory, but also a symbol of faith. The meaning of the Buddha Bead Bracelet is to increase the inner energy of the person and to heal all the maladies possible.

Buddha heads

The Buddha is well represented in many iconographic forms. Along with many Buddha statues and images, Buddha heads have been one of the most popular iconographic representations of the Buddha and his features. A round, youthful, charming and sweet face is a typical feature of the Buddha head, but there is more than it looks. Considered to be one of the most important parts of the Buddha's body, Buddha heads are designed to represent the vast wealth of knowledge he possesses as an enlightened person.