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Wolf tooth necklaces and pendants

Wolf tooth necklaces and pendants

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Meaning of the wolf tooth in Celtic culture

The wolf tooth symbol is a cultural image depicting the power of the Celtic warrior. The Warrior has a strong sense of loyalty, honor and dedication to his people and faces challenges with courage and confidence, never backing down from what he believes in.

The Wolf Tooth necklace is a piece of jewelry made up of five wolf teeth. Each represents the Celtic elements of strength, leadership, courage, loyalty, and intuition. These 5 Celtic attributes are said to be necessary for a person to be a great leader. What's great about this necklace is that it can be worn by both men and women.

A unique take on our well-known blade, the wolf tooth has been known for over 5 years as a symbol of protection. Worn like a talisman, carved in stone and engraved on clay tablets, this powerful motif evokes the strength to overcome trials. Today we are bringing this icon to life with an exclusive collection of knives and accessories.

This sculpture is one of the oldest Celtic symbols and features a design that has intrigued people for thousands of years. Ranging from simple geometric patterns to intricate knots, its shape and meaning have changed through hundreds of generations. Each symbol in our collection of Celtic sculptures is painstakingly handcrafted, one tooth at a time. With this collection, you can explore the beauty and mystery of Celtic history and culture - from ancient Ireland to America today - and bring friends, family and associates together in style. thanks to these magnificent marks of distinction.

Use of wolf teeth in jewelry and fashion

The wolf teeth necklace pendants can be used to decorate your jewelry, accessories, home decorations, handbags, shoes and other items, they are good gifts for you and your friends.

The Alpha Wolf Tooth Necklace is the latest in our line of high quality, solid pendant jewelry. The design features a polished Durasteel wolf tooth shape in the center. On each side there is a large and a small wolf tooth in Durasteel. These two patterns are small enough not to be too bulky. They are therefore quite flat against the leather cord. If you love wolves or want something cool and different, this is your pendant!

The Wolf Tooth Necklace features a stainless steel wolf tooth pendant that has been double plated with 24K gold or antique silver, and hung from a 17,5 inch chain with lobster clasp closure.

On the rawhide cord necklace is a pendant in the shape of an animal tooth inside a wolf's mouth, with a strip of fur hanging down behind. The tooth is polished to a shiny white finish and measures approximately 3/4 ″ wide.

Walk the moonlight path with these wolf tooth shaped pendants. The gray and white lupine necklace can be paired with a coordinating lupine circle pendant or worn alone. The two-stone pendant features a polished agate stone and a luminous hematite stone to represent the wolf twins, Lupus and Lupercus. Their heads connect throughout the necklace to form an infinity symbol, which complements the cyclical nature of wolves.

This necklace was designed for the wolf lover in all of us. The pendant is shaped like a female wolf with just the right amount of detail to be adored by adults and children alike. It's a wonderful gift for that special someone, or just treat yourself with an accessory that's as trendy as it is fun.

With their unique wolf tooth shaped pendants, these discreet and classy necklaces are perfect for everyday wear. And with their hidden gunshot messages, they're also ideal for everyday wear when carrying a hidden weapon. Inspired by the true Wild West and inspired by the designs of country artist Shawn Lane.

The wolf is a powerful symbol of strength and resilience. Show you have what it takes to overcome obstacles with our stunning jewelry.