18 famous symbols of death and mourning

18 popular symbols of death and mourning

Throughout history, humans have found ways to cope with death, grief, and the circle of life through symbolism. Traditional and modern art and culture are replete with images related to death and the passing of life. It is ...

The symbolism of gothic jewelry

gotic objects

November 22 2020

The Gothic subculture is inspired by the dark aesthetic of medieval novel, Gothic music, and movies. The Goths, aka people dressed in black, worship death, nocturnal creatures, and otherworldly spirits. The subculture was born at the end of the years ...

The skull, the rose and Mexico

mexican skull and rose

When I think of laughing in the face of death, Mexicans always come to mind. My passion for the skull, and the rose, was born a few years ago, when I was living abroad.

Eduardo, a great friend of mine from Mexico City, gave me a beautiful statuette of a colorful skull…

The importance of skulls in art around the world

skull art

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Symbols are one of ...

Meanings of skull tattoos

skull tatoo

The skull tattoo is the hallmark of the rebel. It has retained its popularity through the generations, with its simple and daring aesthetic, often understood as a symbol of death and mortality. But skulls aren't just morbid; they can also represent ideas ...

The Hells Angels a protected brand

hells angels

It is common knowledge that the Hells Angels logo and other club badges are totally off-limits to everyone except a select group of individuals. In the "world of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club", declared investigative journalist Serge F. Kovaleski in 2013, "only members ...

What is the meaning of the Celtic skull symbols?

Meaning of Celtic Skull Symbols in Culture, Tribe, Battle, and Life: The symbolic meaning of the Celtic skull deals with very deep themes.

What Do Celtic Skull Symbols Mean

 Stuff like the fleetingness, the power, the spirit and the portals of a new one

The specters of the secret society Skull and Bones

Yale senior William Russell founded Yale's most famous secret society in 1832, Skulls and Bones, at 64 High Street, dedicated to Eulogia, the goddess of eloquence. The "bone men" as they are called took the skull and crossbones as their symbol hence ...