Color names

Color names table

With the exception of a few cases - it seems superfluous to define the colors gold, orange, tomato ... each term is followed by an equivalence and its possible derivatives and specific meanings, one or more examples of use.


apricot (orange-yellow) wormwood (yellow-green) mahogany (brown-red) tinder (yellow) amaranth (red) amethyst (purple) andrinople * (red) * Red andrinople, but: red of Andrinople. anthracite (dark gray) rainbow * * Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. slate (gray-blue) silver (white, bright light gray) eggplant (dark purple) aurora (golden yellow, golden pink) azure (blue) bistre (blackish brown) brick (red-brown) bronze (green) bubble (pale yellow ) goose poop (greenish yellow) cachou (very dark brown) café-au-lait (light brown) nasturtium (bright orange) caramel (light red) carmelite (brown) carmine (bright red) celadon (pale green) cherry ( red) flesh (light golden rose) chamois (light yellow slightly ocher) champagne (pale yellow) chestnut (light grayish brown) cauldron (coppery brown) chocolate (brown) lemon (yellow) cobalt (blue) poppy (bright red) coral (orange-red) cream (white-yellow) shrimp (outenu pink) copper (orange-brown) bottleneck (dark green) cyclamen (mauve) ebony (black) emerald (green) dead leaf (reddish brown) tow (pale blond) raspberry (almost purple red) madder (bright red) pigeon-throat (changing reflections) garnet (dark red) havana (light brown) indigo (blue-violet) isabelle (pale yellow) ivory (watch out for ivory black) jade (green) daffodil (yellow) khaki (yellow-brown) lavender (blue-mauve) wine-colored (red-purple) marengo (brown-red) brown (brown) mastic (light gray-beige) mustard (yellow) nacarat (light red with iridescent reflections) mother-of-pearl (iridescent reflections) hazelnut (gray-reddish) ocher (brown, yellow or orange) olive (green) opera (red purple ) gold (bright or dark yellow) orange (fruit color) overseas (intense blue) straw (pale yellow) pastel (absolutely: light blue) * * Qualifying a color, shade, tone, etc. : sweet. watermelon (dark green) pearl (pearly gray) periwinkle (blue-mauve) petroleum (gray-blue, gray-green) magpie (black and white; fawn and white) pistachio (light green) pepper and salt (gray) apple (green apple) culvert (bright red) plum (dark purple) chip (brown-red) reseda (green-yellow) rust (brown-red) sand (light beige; heraldry: black) saffron (orange-yellow) blood (dark dark red) ox's blood (red-brown) sapphire (blue) salmon (orange-pink) sepia (dark brown) serin (bright yellow) sulfur (light yellow) mouse (mouse gray) tobacco (red-brown) tango (dark orange) sienna (brown) negro head (dark brown) tea (tea rose, tea rose) lime (light green) tomato (red) topaz (bright yellow) turquoise (blue-green) belly doe (reddish white) vermilion (red) verdigris (slightly bluish gray-green)