How to choose a pearl bracelet for men?


To our knowledge, from the year 2012 until today 2019 the ever growing online and in-store purchase of bracelets, pearl necklaces and globally for all kinds of male jewelry, shows a cultural change in the relationship of the man to his identity. It is customary to say that by wearing jewelry, men assume a feminine side. However, this hypothesis does not seem valid to us, in fact in the historical past, men wore jewelry in order to assert their virility and their power. We have chosen in this article to tell you about beaded bracelets, this is a bias because there are many other different styles of bracelets as trendy as bracelets made of pearls.

How to choose the size of the pearls of a men's bracelet?

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How to choose the size of the pearls of a men's bracelet?

The choice of the size of the is often a function of the build, size of the man who will wear the pearl bracelet but also of the way of wearing it which is often a function of the dress style that we will not discuss in this guide. Usually tall, beefy men have a natural attraction to large 10mm, 12mm, 14mm beads, thinner and shorter men choose 6mm, 8mm beads. These two examples are generalities resulting from our experience, nevertheless, many men do not choose the size of the pearls according to their silhouettes but on personal aesthetic considerations often influenced by their look, style of music, profession, their ages. , hobbies….

How to choose the color of the pearls?

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How to choose the right pearl color
a men's bracelet?

Generally 50% of men buy black pearl bracelets matt or glossy. However, warm colors such as brown and gray are also very popular with these gentlemen for around 30%. Finally, we estimate at around 20% the number of men who buy bead bracelets in bright colors such as blue, green, red for example.

How to choose the closure of a pearl bracelet for men?

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The choice of a closure depends on the fixing

The most frequent fastenings on pearl bracelets are the cord or wire with adjustable sliding knot (adjustable) and the elastic (flexible) elastic fastening. Men who need to frequently remove their bead bracelets usually buy bracelets with elastic fastening like the ones on this page pearl bracelets on elastic.Men who do not like to take off their pearl bracelets have a preference for cord or drawstring attachments. However, beyond the practical aspect, the choice for a locking system is also made according to the personal aesthetic tastes of the gentleman, but also to his activities. For example a guitar player will be bothered by the adjustment cords that hang on the cord bracelets. Know how to wear a men's bracelet is an art in truth and which depends on its look and bracelet styles you are looking for
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