Johnny Hallyday large skull bracelet


You want to have a bracelet shamballa who looks like the one Johnny Hallyday wore in 2011-2013?

Johnny Hallyday's wrist jewelry

Her wrist jewelry drawstring with knot is composed of black pearls in 10mm shiny Onyx with in its middle a very large white skull, or more precisely beige, this skull seems to be bone or wood, maybe ceramic?

This large personalized skull set with diamonds and surrounded by two disco balls (pearls) in silver or white gold (platinum?) With diamond strass set.

This unique piece of jewelry, unfortunately too expensive for ordinary people, cannot be produced as it is for reasons of cost and law.

However, we suggest that you make a visibly very similar bracelet for you at an affordable price. This almost identical bracelet is guaranteed 12 months, it is made with quality materials and will bring you satisfaction.

This bracelet is inspired by a Johnny bracelet visible on the cover of the album "never alone".

Johnny Hallyday pearl skull bracelet

JH inspiration