The New Age a current culture

New Age culture today

Possibly the new paradigm of a common spirituality of a future world

How to find the common core of ideas with appearances as different as:

religious ideas, Alice Bailey's world music, individualism, internet Islam, extraterrestrials, reincarnation, the political utopias of one by Karl Marx, the peace and love naif of the 70s, the year Aquarius *, Zen meditation, astrology, the consumerism of industrial growth imaged by the music of Jean-Michel Jarre, or even the ecological movements stemming from the theories of Gaïa…?

How to define the direction of an inner spiritual quest?

possible convergence towards a communion with humanity past, present and future

In order to achieve absolute spiritual synthesis! This conscious or unconscious will of Western origin adept of alternative Tibetan alternative medicine, using the Buddhite chakra, the lithotherapy. Aura for the purpose of controlled health and eternal youth where each and everyone creates their own philosophical reality where intuition predominates because of an almost inaccessible rational complexity where Christ and Buddha become a fuzzy energetic principle of romanticism colored. A movement where certain adepts experience tribal esotericism such as telepathy or communication with extraterrestrials. In truth, this hope of a common core is against the grain of reality which shows the asserted existence of different, relatively hermetic New Age currents comprising dissimilar practices and beliefs. Culturally the cinema seems to bring a beginning of reconciliation with the film Star Wars. In summary we can say that this film is structuring and has primitive figures of duality of good and evil. With a desire to highlight the superiority of spirituality over technology.