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Our fine and semi-precious stone beads for your bracelets shamballa. We also sell pearls individually or in quantity.

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tiger eye stone rose quartz beadsodalite pearl from brazil red jasper bead pearl in aventurine metallic hematite bead

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AgateAquamarineAmazonite - Real amber - Amethyst -Angelite - Aventurine - Azuritebronzite - Calcedoine - Coral - Carnelian - Rock crystal - emerald - FluoriteGarnetHematiteHowliteJadeRed JasperlabradoriteLapis lazuliMalachite - mokaite - Obsidian - Eye of tigerBlack onyx - Pink opal - Opalite - Lava stonePierre - Moonstone - Black stone - Prehnite - Pyrite - Quartz - Smoky quartz - Rose quartz - Rhodonite - Rhodocrosite - sodalite - Tourmaline - Turquoise - Peridot - Apatite- unakite ...

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List of semi and precious stones, rare natural gems for la lithotherapy !

obsidian, labradorite, hematite, falcon's eye, fluorite, azurite, fluorite, sunstone, larimar, apatite, selenite, rhodonite, howlite, moldavite, sugilite, morganite, lepidolite, kunzite, chalcopyrite, magnesite, selenite, septaria, eye of bull, prehnite, blue calcite, tourmaline, watermelon, staurotide, tourmaline, hawk's eye, charoite stone, seraphinite, blue quartz, opalite, orthoceras, tear of apache, epidote, carborandite, rubellite, green jasper, chiastolite, pietersite, iron eye, cacoxenite, white jade, variscite, labradorite, falcon eye, fairy stone, landscape jasper, malachite, azurite, astrophyllite malachite, cavansite, magnesite, white opal, green calcite, green fluorite, fuschite azurite, lepidolite, danburite , obsidian hemimorphite, snowflake, fire agate, blood jasper, orbicular jasper, sodalite, pink opal, pyrite, jade nephrite, dalmatian jasper, heliotrope, pink quartz stone, bull's eye, jet stone, green opal, man ganocalcite, ulexite, mokaite, blue opal, purple fluorite, smithsonite, raw amethyst, leopard jasper, crocodile, fossil urchin, snow obsidian, blue tourmaline, titanium quartz, shattuckite, purpurite, mokaite jasper, ghost quartz, yellow jasper, heliotrope yellow, petalite, scapolite, hypersthene, larimar, bull's eye, sunstone, stilbite, botswana agate, fairy stone, rose quartz, howlite, hematite, calcite honey, hematoid quartz, porphyry stone, epidote, cerusite, lepidolite, jet stone, cobaltocalcite azurite, covellite, red porphyry, eudialyte, fossil kunzite, mahogany obsidian, rhodonite stone, picasso jasper, vesuvianite, flint stone, chrysocolla, black jade violet fluorite, jais, chrysocolla malachite, seraphinar, covelline , blue aragonite, blue fluorite, polychrome jasper, fuchsite azurite, teardrop of apache, rhodonite, silver obsidian, blue calcite,, egirine, nuummite, quartz morion, hessonite, charoite, fossil sea ​​urchin, raw aquamarine, selenite stone, magnetite stone, fairy stone, smoky quartz, ammonite, blue howlite, moqui balls, crystal skull…