couple noose bracelets

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Body and soul bracelets

a pair of bracelets couple or distance Zen inspiration in AAA grade tiger eye beads and 8mm Amethyst on Loch Ness drawstring. Ideal for a spiritual couple. Gift idea to offer to the Valentine for example. French artisanal production. Available in elastic.

Meaning: We make these distance bracelets to allow those who are far apart to feel connected. Distance and time spent away from someone are hard times, but it doesn't matter where the person is lies, let your mother, your daughter, your sistereur, your friend or anyone else you know that you have a part of them with you at all times.




This uniquely designed bracelet is a great gift option for someone with an unusual style. The coloreur punchy and colorful accents accentuate the bracelet. This bracelet is a symbol of protection, happinesseur, luck and health, which are all perfect wishes for someone you love. The bracelet is in different sizes and its layered style adds twice the beauty to the bracelet.

Further information

Adjustable velcro closure

Drawstring, Elastic

Size bracelet 1 (dark pearl)

XS 12-14, S 14 - 16, M 16 -18, L 18-20, XL 21-23

Size bracelet 2 (light pearl)

XS 12-14, S 14-16, M 16 -18, L 18-20, XL 21-23

Pearl size

8 mm

2 reviews for couple noose bracelets

  1. Daniele (Customer confirmed) -

    beautiful jewelry for a gift from \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'birthday

    Closure: Drawstring, Bracelet size 1 (dark pearl): L 18-20, Bracelet size 2 (light pearl): XL 21-23 x 1
  2. Agathon (Customer confirmed) -

    Good quality.

    Closure: Elastic, Bracelet size 1 (dark pearl): S 14 - 16, Bracelet size 2 (light pearl): S 14-16 x 1
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