Seven chakras bangle, real natural stones

49,00 - 50,00

Would you like to offer someone or even for you a bracelet who symbolizes well-being?

This wire bracelet is made of natural stones in the colors of the 7 chakras. They are embellished with black pearls (agate) and silver rings. The round stones of this jewel are of a standard diameter of 8mm (on the photo). They are threaded manually one by one on a thread with adjustable Loch Ness sliding knot.



57 / 100

By consistently beating a chain 7 chakras?

The seven chakra stones in a chain constitute a high support for the energetic dedication and for the chakratic balance. This chain, without oscillation, will attract the eyes of its framing that it will not stop questioning about its introduction and its allegorical meaning. It will be an ample beginning of glasses of eggs on the inauthentic mastery of natural stones in the acoquinement and the intellect.

Gathering know your depth:

decide between your attachment swing and end up 0,5cm- 2cm (legitimately your peace of mind):

Gather a beat "exact depth": use your quaestor.

Gather a beat "near the ornament": add 0,5 to 1cm to your quaestor.

Gathering a "ample" beat: add 1,5 to 2cm to your quaestor.

The normal depth of the handcuffs is complete all around 17-18cm for women and 19-20cm for the multitude.

Further information

Wrist size

XS 13 - 14 cm, S 15 - 16 cm, M 17 - 18 cm, L 19 - 20 cm, XL 21 - 22 cm


Custom made jewelry in France







Pearl size

10mm, 8mm

Adjustable velcro closure

Resistant waterproof Loch Ness® adjustable cord (default), Drawstring, Elastic


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