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Obsidian Stone Bead Bracelet, Unisex, Golden, Black, Pixiu

13,23 - 14,85

Obsidian Stone Bead Bracelet, Unisex, Golden, Black, Pixiu

13,23 - 14,85

Black Obsidian
Gold style 1
Gold style 2
Gold style 2-1433145302
Gold Style 3
Green Stone
nature stone B
nature stone C
nature stone D
nature stone E
nature stone F
nature stone G
Red stone
Red Tiger Eye

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Obsidian Stone Bead Bracelet, Unisex, Golden, Black, Pixiu

Obsidian Stone Bead Bracelet, Unisex, Golden, Black, Pixiu


Descriptions: For starters, here's a legendary story: Long ago in ancient times, there was an animal called Pi Xiu. He is the ninth son of the Dragon King. Gold, silver, and jewelry are all his food. He has a dragon's head, a horse's body, and wings. He is so powerful that he canplacer bad luck to good.Later people see it as a symbol of wealth and good luck. Whoever wears the bracelet Pixiu will also be lucky

Features: Pixiu represents wealth, lucky. It is a wonderful way to attract positive energies, wealth, success, health, and luck into your life. It is a great gift for birthdays, graduation, birthdays The bracelet is to give away both are good for personal use or to share Note: The real color may be slightly different from the picture due to different monitor and light effect. Specification: Material: resin Beads size: 12mm (0.47inch) Pi Xiu size: 2.5cm (0.98inch) Inner circumference: 17-20cm (elastic)



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BLACK, Black Obsidian, Gold style 1, Gold style 2, Gold style 2-1433145302, Gold Style 3, Green Stone, nature stone B, nature stone C, nature stone D, nature stone E, nature stone F, nature stone G, Red Stone, Red Tiger Eye

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