Bracelet feng shui black obsidian

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The color black is associated with Yin or feminine energy and symbolizes the strongest feminine power, like the Empress. Today wear a bracelet Feng Shui black obsidian is known to create a powerful shield of protection against negative environments. It can be used to prevent accidents and injuries, and promote personal and professional success and stability.

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<p> Carries the power of pixiu, the Chinese unicorn, in an elegant bracelet that will protect you during your trip. Our EMF bracelet obsidian protection and pixiu is made with obsidian crystals, known to have mystical healing and protective powers. These bracelets are small enough to comfortably fit most wrists and can be combined with others to make stackable bracelets. Made from ethically sourced materials and completely handmade in Spain using traditional techniques, our Obsidian Bracelet & Pixiu Feng Shui Black Peony is the perfect accessory to keep your mind at ease when you're on the go.placewent. Pixiu generates energy feng shui to protect you from the "poison arrows" of bad luck and improve your well-being. This bracelet is handcrafted from natural stones, genuine leathers and a variety of metals.


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Silver, ThaiSilver


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3 reviews for Bracelet feng shui black obsidian

  1. Christian (Customer confirmed) -

    To make myself happy

  2. Marco (Customer confirmed) -

    I am very happy with this jewel!

  3. Davide (Customer confirmed) -

    The product is firmly packed.

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