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Bracelet Feng Shui obsidian, obsidian jewel

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Bracelet Feng Shui obsidian, obsidian jewel

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Bracelet with Box

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Bracelet Feng Shui obsidian, obsidian jewel

Bracelet Feng Shui obsidian, obsidian jewel


Our bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver with the Feng Shui pixiu on it, which means it will protect you from all the bad luck, evil, and negative chi around you.
This variety of stars, crystals, obsidian and pixiu feng shui to protect your love ornate bangle bracelet is made of semi-precious stones, fine gold and sterling silver. The fixation can be only on the left or on the right, just with the inscription. In combination with a gorgeous women's chain, as a special offer of a real size
Le pixiu bring protection to those who wear it, deflect any harm that may befall you and eliminate bad chi from yourself bringing you good fortune. It gives you a good energy field around you and helps others trust you. Give it as a gift to your friends or relatives to protect them from bad chi and bring prosperity energy around them.
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Bracelet with Box


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