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12,34 - 17,42

1.Purple Glass MOON
11.natural tiger eye
12-blue-sand-stone sand stone
13.natural agate 1
14-cat-eye-glass eye glass
15-cat-eye-glass eye glass
16. onyx
18.natural crystal
19-red-glass-6mm glass 6mm
2.Blue Glass MOON
20.natural Obsidian
21. matte onyx 1
22.natural quartz 1
23.natural agate 2
24.smooth onyx 1
25. matte onyx 2
26.smooth onyx 2
27. Amethyst
29 obsidian
29. Obsidian
3.six word
30.Cat eye glass
4.Green Glass MOON
5.White Glass MOON
6.Black Glass MOON
7.Coffee Glass MOON
8.Pink Zebra
9.Rose Quartz
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Tu want to make your own bracelet and test it for yourself? It is an EMF protection device of blessing items pixiu. It protects you from the harmful power of electromagnetic radiation. Real crystal is very beneficial for your health, with good energy.


Bracelet feng shui Viopixiu Pixiu is the Chinese patron of prosperity, wealth, good luck, longevity and health to help people get rich and make fortune. It also has good intelligence and strong vitality which can help the wearer to be successful in all areas of life.

The meaning of 6 character proverbs

: Relieves the pain of heavenly beings; celestial beings value longevity and happiness, so they rarely think about death and the future life. Before the end of their life, they will lose their shine, become fragrant, and be abandoned by their friends and suffer great pain. By chanting this syllable, those who train will think of the pains of sensory beings in the celestial realm and cause them to suffer.

: Alleviates the pains of all beings of Taoism Shura; they are full of hatred in their hearts, they are very merry with all kinds of pleasure in the celestial kingdom, and they often fight against sentient beings in the celestial kingdom. They reduce pain and vision

?: Relieve human pain and bad luck; Everyone should experience four types of pain: birth, aging, maladie and death, as well as other types of natural disasters, man-made disasters, and other disasters. When it comes to the word "what", practitioners think about the pain in the world and develop the pain, and return the benefits to sentient beings around the world to reduce the pain.

叭: symbol of purity

Mi: in addition to the pains of all beings of the hungry phantom path; The beings born in the Hungry Ghost Road suffer from cold, heat, fear and fatigue. At the same time, due to their bad karma, they are not allowed to eat for life, and they often suffer from hunger and constipation. Practitioners will think about the pain of hungry ghosts and feel compassion, and will return their possessions to pray for their lives to be wiped out.

: Reduce the pain of all sensory beings like hell; sensory beings born in devil, because of their extreme sore throat, call for all kinds of devilish pains, such as the illusion of burning fire, frozen bones, slipping and chasing ghosts, etc. Wait, The pain is inexplicable and cannot be relieved.



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Metal Color

1.Purple Glass MOON, 11.natural tiger eye, sand stone, 13.natural agate 1, eye glass, eye glass, 16. onyx, 17.amazonite, 18.natural crystal, 19 .red glass 6mm, 2.Blue Glass MOON, 20.natural Obsidian, 21.matte onyx 1, 22.natural quartz 1, 23.natural agate 2, 24.smooth onyx 1, 25.matte onyx 2, 26.smooth onyx 2, 27.Amethyst, 28.Howlite, 29.Obsidian, 3.six word, 30.Cat eye glass, 4.Green Glass MOON, 5.White Glass MOON, 6.Black Glass MOON, 7.Coffee Glass MOON, 8 .Pink Zebra, 9.Rose Quartz


21cm, 19cm, 17cm, 23cm

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    I do not regret this purchase.

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    Very fast delivery.

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    Very pretty pleases a lot

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