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Teddy bear and heart charm charm bracelet

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Teddy bear and heart charm charm bracelet


Simple bracelet for women with a brown leather base adorned with multiple irregular pieces in silver metal. Charms with marine motifs (starfish, fish tails, corals, shells, etc.) give it an original touch that will not go unnoticed. Available in several sizes, the jewel is made according to an artisanal process, with a unique design.

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CHARM BRACELETS FOR WOMEN Our selection of charm bracelets with organic patterns inspired by nature. Silver metal bracelets with Swarovski® crystal pendants, pearls or pieces in the shape of feathers, heart, star, teddy bear, moon… Handcrafted luxury. Creation of a unique piece of jewelry: handcrafted charms, pendant, bracelet, key ring, anklet. These jewelry charms include beautiful stars, heart with wings, rainbow, crown, angel wings, mermaid, etc. Great Valentine's Day Gift for a Teenage Girl Quality charm bracelets allow you to change beads every day to match and personalize their outfits. You can easily remove the charms and rearrange or swap them to make different bracelets. (Unscrew to remove the tip, after adding the beads, just screw the tip back on firmly. No tools are needed).

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