Magnetic bracelets for couple of natural stone beads

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The Open Your Heart bracelet opens up new encounters with open-hearted people. This popular friendship bracelet offers a meaningful symbol to share with your family, friends and loved ones. It's an expressive way to show your feelings towards others while showing off your personal style. By adding the two Open Your Heart bracelets to this durable stainless steel bracelet, you are spreading love. The two Open Your Heart cufflinks represent each other while the heart between them represents the link that unites them.
This uniquely designed bracelet is a great gift option for someone with an unusual style. The coloreur punchy and colorful accents accentuate the bracelet. This bracelet is a symbol of protection, happinesseur, luck and health, which are all perfect wishes for someone you love. The bracelet is in different sizes and its layered style adds twice the beauty to the bracelet.

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Style A, Style B, Style C, Style D, Style E, Style F


L 205mm 8in, M190mm 7.5in, S 180mm 7in, XL 215mm 8.5in, XS 165mm 6.5in

2 reviews for Magnetic bracelets for couple of natural stone beads

  1. Edward (Customer confirmed) -

    good service.

    Stone: Style C, Longeur: XL 215mm 8.5in x 1
  2. Rusne (Customer confirmed) -

    Good value for money

    Stone: Style D, Longeur: L 205mm 8in x 1
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