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Style A 2PCS
C-style 2PCS
D-style 2PCS
E-style 2PCS
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A strap for couple or for a person who supports the fact of living far from his soul mate, in order to always have the other on himself, present in our coeur.
This uniquely designed bracelet is a great gift option for someone with an unusual style. The coloreur punchy and colorful accents accentuate the bracelet. This bracelet is a symbol of protection, happinesseur, luck and health, which are all perfect wishes for someone you love. The bracelet is in different sizes and its layered style adds twice the beauty to the bracelet

Material: stainless steel, magnetic material alloy
Size: the longeur of the chain is approxron 16CM, the longeur of the tail chain is approxron 8CM
Specification: a pair of lovers bracelet
Quantity: 2 (a pair)
Style: Couple-style
The package includes:
1 * a couple bracelet


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Coloreur of Metal

Style A 2PCS, Style C 2PCS, Style D 2PCS, Style E 2PCS

2 reviews for Friendship bracelet

  1. Jackson (Customer confirmed) -

    good service.

    Coloreur of Metal: Style A 2PCS x 1
  2. David (Customer confirmed) -

    Beautiful, well I recommend

    x 1
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