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Natural blond obsidian fennec bead bracelet for men, jewelry, round beads, 8 to 16mm

25,29 - 29,60

Natural blond obsidian fennec bead bracelet for men, jewelry, round beads, 8 to 16mm

25,29 - 29,60


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Natural blond obsidian fennec bead bracelet for men, jewelry, round beads, 8 to 16mm

Natural blond obsidian fennec bead bracelet for men, jewelry, round beads, 8 to 16mm


  • Complicated or style: Usage
  • Search Caliber: BRACELETS
  • Maintenance: Ordinary
  • Tangible: Coated
  • Metal Caliber: Canceled
  • Adjustment caliber: Pavement adjustment
  • Bracelets Caliber: Strand bracelets
  • Penis: Unisex
  • Model Quantity: Bracelets
  • Specified: Yes
  • Hail name: 劢 琨
  • Bracelet caliber: Beaded bracelet
  • Pattern Form: ROUND
  • Cleat Caliber: Dissimilar
  • Color: Natural Gold Obsidian
  • Size: 8mm-14mm
  • Function: Bless with safeness, Bring wealth and Good luck
  • Features: Amulet
  • Name: Natural Stone Gold Obsidian Fox Bracelet
  • Quality: H
  • Stone Producting Area: Mexico
  • Alms: Dropshipping

At the peak of the beginning of obsidian

Curious natural trachyte

In which the interpretation swimming, a peloton was bought by the antagonist, and himself existed surpassed. Simultaneously the excruciating information came in, the painful tears of the house fell through Europe, and it became a tiny black stone. It is the same recalled a brilliant which does not cry then. This one who has this black asteroid will not cry then in any case. Given that, the Indian mother has already emptied all the crying for yourself, and gave the hominin obsidian that he esteemed, which means that he does not cry then and that he is pliable.


Research memory

Bizut 2019Natural blond obsidian bracelet with fennec pearls.
Tangible: natural blond obsidian.


Chest:OPP bags, envelopes.
Suitable for the question:Suitable for both men and women.

Regularity:The manual moderate can hold a reckless 1-2mm misunderstanding.

Regularity:The tone is then lower clearance than the halo.

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1.Presser foot <$ 5,Some will ship by
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$ 200
, Crazy arrival by EPACKET, DHL EMS
, FedEx, UPS, TNT, TOll (United States, Australia and most of Europe) and therefore
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1. 100% covered

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10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 8mm

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