Protection barbed reel rod bracelet


Cross the storms of life !

With this rudder on this lucky bracelet made of 6mm Onyx beads on a Loch Ness thread. This double row bracelet is made of 100% hypoallergenic 100% stainless steel fittings on a Loch Ness drawstring.



Comme to wear a jewel crampon bracelet?
The release of the jewel crampon bracelet is highly elementary. Behind collect the crampon jewel, be sure to identify the pruned surroundings. Behind, yourself must classify it on your malastraight and hump him as day as you want, or as day as you want. At one edge of the bracelet, you yourself have to assemble the knot that defines the seal prone, and finally assemble it.

If you yourself wish in science with on these bracelets, this can be pleasant existence, therefore not to bribe one and announce? Dare to use accessories that can create firmness, if you yourself have one, a crampon bracelet is what you need!

Further information

Wrist size

XS 13 - 14 cm, S 15 - 16 cm, M 17 - 18 cm, L 19 - 20 cm, XL 21 - 22 cm


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