Pi Xiu - Bracelet Feng Shui in black obsidian for men and women, jewel of exuberance, adaptable, rubber, present

13,11 - 17,24

This obsidian bracelet is a powerful crystal of energy protection feng shui. Feel the power of this natural black obsidian dragon bracelet. The central black obsidian stone features an image of the mighty dragon Pixiu feng shui. It is believed to bring you wealth, health, happiness, and good luck.

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  • Kind of Bracelets: Strand bracelets
  • Baguette: LOVER
  • Kind of Metals: airplane assembly
  • Entrance: CN (Enter)
  • Birds or style: Way
  • Diction: Usual
  • Subject: Nickel
  • Kind of jewelry: Beaded bracelet
  • Kind of Passage: BRACELETS
  • Agreement: Compatible suits
  • Pattern Form: Stupid
  • Ardor: Gym Tracker
  • Model List: Pi Xiu Bracelet
  • Kind of adjustment: Canceled
  • Type of lock: NONE
  • Couples Bracelets: Hand Ball Carved Mantra Stone
  • Magnetic Bracelets: Pi Xiu Bracelet
  • Wealth Bracelet: Wealth Bracelet for Mens
  • Feng Shui Bracelets: Obsidian Bracelets
  • Bead Size: 10 mm
  • Bracelets Size: 16cm 17cm 18cm 19cm 20cm 21cm
  • Material: Natural Stone

Pi Xiu - Bracelet Feng Shui in black obsidian for men and women, jewel of exuberance, adaptable, rubber, present

At the peak of this passage
【PiXiu Bracelet】 Different: Bi xie, courageous troops, Tian lu, Bai jie. He landed in Asia 4000 years ago. Since it susceptible to endless vein, exuberance and prosperity, it is noble forgiveness a sacred cattle.
【Materal】 Bead: obsidian + Sanskrit, Pixiu: assembly. Sanskrit is the heart mantra of Guanyin Bodhisattva. This mantra contains endless protection and dedication from complete Buddhists. It is the deafening card of benevolence and modesty of complete Buddhists.
【Format】 this bracelet feng shui is rubber and fits most men.
【Feng Shui Black Obsidian Exuberance Bracelet】 Obsidian can restrain constancy denial of association, assist in chasing work, restrain blackmail, regenerate failure and forgetfulness in Qi, and regenerate bodily dynamism and breathlessness. It is the most prosperous perlouse.
【Especially on Pixiu】 Pixiu feeds only on exuberance, swallowing every nothing hyperglycemia, which can magnetize exuberance and alert the jackpot. We say that Pixiu helped the emperor pair of Yan and Huang to wriggle abundantly, and settled the settlement of "idiot Tianlu", which means master gave him exuberance. Pixiu is since customary inferiorly to the name of "Bixie" as it is specialized among the rigging of cattle and ghosts. Geomantic scientists believe that Pixiu can reform capital misfortune.

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16cm, 18cm, 20cm, 21cm, 19cm, 17cm