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Bubble Obsidian Bracelet, Long Culmination, Infant Goupil, Fairy, Natural Stone, Mascot for Women and Men, Glass Jewelry

25,29 - 30,45

Bubble Obsidian Bracelet, Long Culmination, Infant Goupil, Fairy, Natural Stone, Mascot for Women and Men, Glass Jewelry

25,29 - 30,45


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Bubble Obsidian Bracelet, Long Culmination, Infant Goupil, Fairy, Natural Stone, Mascot for Women and Men, Glass Jewelry

Bubble Obsidian Bracelet, Long Culmination, Infant Goupil, Fairy, Natural Stone, Mascot for Women and Men, Glass Jewelry


  • Name noticed: 劢 琨
  • Tempering Bracelets: Strand bracelets
  • Penis: Unisex
  • Metal Tempering: Canceled
  • Bypassed or driven: Rule
  • Pronunciation: TRENDS
  • Substance: Paving stone
  • Link Tempering: Beaded bracelet
  • Articulet Tempering: BRACELETS
  • Pattern Form: Inhuman
  • Model Number: Rainbow Fox Obsidian Bracelet
  • Tempering adjustment: Canceled
  • Pin hardening: Other
  • Color: Rainbow / colorful
  • Size: 8mm-16mm
  • Function: Bless with safeness, Bring wealth and Good luck
  • Features: Amulet
  • Name: Natural Stone Obsidian Fox Reprise Beaded Bracelet
  • Quality: H
  • Stone Producting Area: Mexico
  • Gift: Dropshipping

Suitably from the origin of obsidian

Unusual natural trachyte

Because of the swimming commentary, a formation was subjugated by the opponent, and Miss encountered surpassed. As the inhuman dispatch arrived, the painful spasms of the lineage fell through Asia, and it became a small black stone. It is just as necessary a lens that does not cry yet. Whoever has this black car will not cry again in any case. Since, the Indian offspring has already drained all the spasms for yourself, and gave obsidian to the mortal he esteems, which means he is not crying yet and is comfortable.


Articulet narration

Refreshed 2019Bubble obsidian bracelet, long culmination, delicious pin infant.
Substance:Natural trachyte.

Pearl format:8mm-16mm.

Gyratory mouth format:

8mm: 190mm

10mm: 195mm

12mm: 205mm

14mm: 206mm

Housing:OPP bags, envelopes.
Suitable for body:Suitable for both men and women.

Adulation:Manual dosing can diligent a frivolous iridescence of 1-2mm.

Adulation:The coloring is still clear below illumination.

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10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 8mm

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