The 7 silver chakras bracelet

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Be zen!

With this bracelet 7 chakras in real natural stones, it is a lucky charm jewelry of Buddhist inspiration composed of an assortment of pearls in fine stones (semi-precious) of 10mm, in the order of the chakras: in red agate, orange jasper, eye of yellow tiger, green Aventurine, light blue turquoise, dark blue lapis lazuli and purple amethyst on Japanese elastic thread. This bracelet ends with a charming Balinese primer in solid 925/1000 silver, hand-crafted. French made. Available in cord or elastic version, with 8 or 10mm beads to choose from.


Use: The chakras, these secret areas of the body You cannot touch or see them. However, according to traditional Indian medicine, when one of our seven chakras is disturbed, it is the balance of physical and psychic forces that is upset. Also to know: For the stimulation of the chakras it is the colors of the stones which are essential, not their nature.




1.Muladhara, of red color like blood and earth, place of primitive force. Located at the perineal level. Meditation on this chakra stimulates innocence and wisdom.

2.Svadhistana the sacred, orange, water, center of femininity, sensuality. Is below the navel.Meditation on this chakra stimulates knowledge and creativity.

3.Manipura, yellow as the sun, hara, place of memories. Located on solar plexus, meditation on this chakra stimulates the feeling of peace and satisfaction.

4.Anahata, the heart, of emerald green color, air, place of love and feeling. Located in the middle of the chest. Meditation on this chakra brings courage and security.

5. Vishudda, the throat, light blue, its color is that of the sky. Placed in the middle of the neck. Meditation on this chakra stimulates communication.

6.Ajna, the forehead, dark blue in color, says the third eye, place of lucidity. Located between the eyebrows and the back of the forehead. Meditation on this chakra brings forgiveness.

7.Sahasrara, the coronal, purple in color, energy center known as the aura, regulates the mind. Located at the top of the skull. Meditation on this chakra stimulates consciousness.

Further information

Wrist size

XS 13 - 14 cm, S 15 - 16 cm, M 17 - 18 cm, L 19 - 20 cm, XL 21 - 22 cm

Pearl size

10mm, 8mm

2 reviews for The 7 silver chakras bracelet

  1. Loch Ness International -

    By Aurelie R. (Eleu-dit-leauwette, France) on 15 Feb. 2020 (The 7 silver chakras bracelet):

    7chakras bracelet

    Very beautiful bracelet, easy to wear I recommend this bracelet

  2. Loch Ness International -

    By Linda M. (Paris, France) on March 29, 2019 (The 7 silver chakras bracelet):

    Finally a 7 chakras bracelet with real natural stones

    Hello, after much research on online sites which for the most part offer products from China with improbable delivery times. I found my happiness with this bracelet which exudes quality, delivered with a box of the Loch Ness brand of the most beautiful effect, See you very soon Loch Ness for other orders.

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